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2014-08-13Activation of hydrogen peroxide at neutral pH by zerovalent aluminum in the presence of chloride ionLee, Changha; Lee, Hye-Jin; Lee, HongshinCONFERENCE27
2016-08Activation of Oxygen and Hydrogen Peroxide by Copper(II) Coupled with Hydroxylamine for Oxidation of Organic ContaminantsLee, Hongshin; Lee, Hye-Jin; Seo, Jiwon; Kim, Hyung-Eun; Shin, Yun Kyung; Kim, Jae-Hong; Lee, ChanghaARTICLE521
2014-08-13Activation of persulfates by carbon nanotubes: Application to oxidation of organic contaminants in waterLee, Changha; Lee, Hongshin; Lee, Hye-Jin; Lee, JaesangCONFERENCE33
2015-04Activation of persulfates by carbon nanotubes: Oxidation of organic compounds by nonradical mechanismLee, Hongshin; Lee, Hye-Jin; Jeong, Joonseon; Lee, Jaesang; Park, Noh-Back; Lee, ChanghaARTICLE804
2017-09-21Biofilm control on RO membrane by copper (II) ion in combination with norspermidineLee, Hye-Jin; Lee, ChanghaCONFERENCE32
2015-07-27Biofilm Control on RO Membranes by Hydroxylamine-Enhanced Fenton-like Reactions Using Copper(II) IonLee, Hye-Jin; Kim, Hyung-Eu; Lee, ChanghaCONFERENCE20
2017-03Combination of cupric ion with hydroxylamine and hydrogen peroxide for the control of bacterial biofilms on RO membranesLee, Hye-Jin; Kim, Hyung-Eun; Lee, ChanghaARTICLE639
2015-10-29Control of Cochlodinium polykrikoides, a red tide flagellate by ozone and hydrogen peroxide Shin, Minjung; Lee, Hye-Jin; Park, Noh-Back; Lee, ChanghaCONFERENCE33
2017-02Control of the red tide dinoflagellate Cochlodinium polykrikoides by ozone in seawaterShin, Minjung; Lee, Hye-Jin; Kim, Min Sik; Park, Noh-Back; Lee, ChanghaARTICLE729
2015-06-25Control of Cochlodinium polykrikoides, a red tide flagellate by ozone and hydrogen peroxideShin, Minjung; Lee, Hye-Jin; Park, Nobaek; Lee, ChanghaCONFERENCE30
2014-06Degradation of diclofenac and carbamazepine by the copper(II)-catalyzed dark and photo-assisted Fenton-like systemsLee, Hye-Jin; Lee, Hongshin; Lee, ChanghaARTICLE758
2016-07Disintegration of Waste Activated Sludge by Thermally-Activated Persulfates for Enhanced DewaterabilityKim, Min Sik; Lee, Ki-Myeong; Kim, Hyung-Eun; Lee, Hye-Jin; Lee, Changsoo; Lee, ChanghaARTICLE563
2013-02Effective Control of Pharmaceuticals in Water Using Oxidation TechnologiesLee, Changha; Lee, Hye-JinMaster's thesis934
2017-11-17Electrochemical activation of nitrate for simultaneous removal of nitrate and organic compoundsLee, Ki-Myeong; Lee, Hongshin; Kim, Min Sik; Lee, Hye-Jin; Lee, ChanghaCONFERENCE35
2014-08Electrochromic titania nanotube arrays for the enhanced photocatalytic degradation of phenol and pharmaceutical compoundsZheng, Qing; Lee, Hye-Jin; Lee, Jaesang; Choi, Wonyong; Park, Noh-Back; Lee, ChanghaARTICLE673
2015-08Enhanced production of reactive oxidants by Fenton-like reactions in the presence of carbon materialsSeo, Jiwon; Lee, Hye-Jin; Lee, Hongshin; Kim, Hyung-Eun; Lee, Jeong-Yong; Kim, Han S.; Lee, ChanghaARTICLE618
2017-12Inactivation of biofilms on RO membranes by copper ion in combination with norspermidineLee, Hye-Jin; Seo, Jiwon; Kim, Min Sik; Lee, ChanghaARTICLE568
2017-08Inactivation of planktonic and biofilm cells by copper-based hybrid disinfection systems: Application to biofouling control on RO membranesLee, Changha; Lee, Hye-JinDoctoral thesis698
2017-11-16Kinetics of microbial Inactivation by singlet oxygen generated by dye-photosensitized systemsKim, Taewan; Kim, Hyung-Eun; Lee, Hye-Jin; Seo, Jiwon; Lee, ChanghaCONFERENCE38
2017-02Nanoparticulate zero-valent iron coupled with polyphosphate: the sequential redox treatment of organic compounds and its stability and bacterial toxicityKim, Hak-Hyeon; Kim, Min Sik; Kim, Hyung-Eun; Lee, Hye-Jin; Jang, Min-Hee; Choi, Jaemin; Hwang, Yusik; Lee, ChanghaARTICLE552
Showing results 1 to 20 of 32