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2005-02Biodegradability, DBP formation, and membrane fouling potential of natural organic matter: Characterization and controllabilityKwon, Boksoon; Lee, Sangyoup; Cho, Jaeweon; Ahn, Hyowon; Lee, Dongjoo; Shin, Heung SupARTICLE798
2005-08Biofouling potential of various NF membranes with respect to bacteria and their soluble microbial products (SMP): Characterizations, flux decline, and transport parametersPark, Noeon; Kwon, Boksoon; Kim, In S.; Cho, JaeweonARTICLE759
2009-01Characterizations of Colloidal Organic Matter Isolated from Surface WaterKwon, Boksoon; Shon, H. K.; Cho, JaeweonARTICLE704
2005-03Characterizations of NOM included in NF and UF membrane permeatesLee, Sangyoup; Kwon, Boksoon; Sun, Mminjung; Cho, JaeweonARTICLE751
2006-04Characterizations of the colloidal and microbial organic matters with respect to membrane foulantsPark, Noeon; Kwon, Boksoon; Kim, Sang-Don; Cho, JaeweonARTICLE748
2006-02Determining Brownian and shear-induced diffusivity of nano- and micro-particles for sustainable membrane filtrationCho, Jaeweon; Kim, In S.; Moon, Jihee; Kwon, BoksoonARTICLE907
2005-03-01Development of microfluidics device for environmental application: Micro-mixing and microorganisms motion in microfluidics channelChon, Kyongmi; Cho, Jaeweon; Kim, Kyongmi; Kwon, BoksoonCONFERENCE89
2005-07Effect of algae on fouling and efficiency of UF membranesKwon, Boksoon; Park, Noeon; Cho, JaeweonARTICLE701
2010-06Effects of a dynamic membrane formed with polyethylene glycol on the ultrafiltration of natural organic matterKwon, Boksoon; Park, Noeon; Cho, JaeweonARTICLE720
2004-05Experimental evaluations of a pilot nanofiltration system with respect to NOM and BOM removals and stable permeability with appropriate pre-treatments: a case study in KoreaAhn, Won-Young; Yim, Seong-Keun; Son, Byung-Yong; Kim, Geon Tae; Ahn, Hyowon; Lee, Dongjoo; Lee, Ssangyoup; Kwon, Boksoon; Cho, JaeweonARTICLE761
2005-07Implication of various membranes to remove NOM typically occurring in Korea with respect to DBP, AOC and transport parametersPark, Noeon; Kwon, Boksoon; Sun, Minjeong; Ahn, Hyowon; Kim, Chunghwan; Kwoak, Changho; Lee, Dongju; Chae, Seonha; Hyung, Hoon; Cho, JaeweonARTICLE832
2009-08Investigating the relationship between model organic compounds and ultrafiltration membrane foulingKwon, Boksoon; Shon, H.K.; Cho, JaeweonARTICLE707
Showing results 1 to 12 of 12