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2006-05Abnormal grain growth of lead zirconium titanate (PZT) ceramics induced by the penetration twinKim, KW; Jo, Wook; Jin, HR; Hwang, NM; Kim, DYARTICLE765
2016-11-01Comparative study between ion-scale turbulence measurements and gyrokinetic simulationsPark, Hyeon Keo; Lee, Woochang; Ko, SH; Choi, MJ; Ko, WH; Lee, KD; Leem, J; Leem, J; Wang, WX; Bundy, RV; Park, YS; Luhmann, Jr, NC; Kim, KWCONFERENCE135
2008-11Dimensionality-Controlled Insulator-Metal Transition and Correlated Metallic State in 5d Transition Metal Oxides Srn+1IrnO3n+1 (n=1, 2, and infinity)Moon, SJ; Jin, Hosub; Kim, KW; Choi, WS; Lee, YS; Yu, Jaejun; Cao, G; Sumi, A; Funakubo, H; Bernhard, C; Noh, TWARTICLE687
2016-02-25Dynamic spectra of radio frequency bursts associated with edge-localized modesPark, Hyeon Keo; Thatipamula, Shekar; Yun, Gunsu; Leem, June-eok; Kim, KW; Akiyama, T; Lee, SGCONFERENCE131
2016-06-21Electromagnetic emissions through lower hybrid range instabilities associated with edge-localized modesPark, Hyeon Keo; Thatipamula, S; Yun, GS; Leem, J; Kim, KW; Akiyama, T; Nam, YUCONFERENCE122
2009-09Factors affecting metal exchange between sediment and water in an estuarine reservoir: A spatial and seasonal observationCho, Kyung Hwa; Kang, Joo-Hyon; Lee, YG; Lee, KY; Cha, SM; Lee, Yun Seok; Ki, Seo Jin; Yoon, In-Ho; Kim, KW; Kim, JHARTICLE557
2005-02Monodisperse nanoparticles of Ni and NiO: Synthesis, characterization, self-assembled superlattices, and catalytic applications in the Suzuki coupling reactionPark, Jongnam; Kang, E; Son, SU; Park, HM; Lee, MK; Kim, J; Kim, KW; Noh, HJ; Park, JH; Bae, CJ; Park, JG; Hyeon, TARTICLE1691
2014-04Phonon-assisted optical excitation in the narrow bandgap Mott insulator Sr3Ir2O7Park, HJ; Sohn, Chang Hee; Jeong, DW; Cao, G; Kim, KW; Moon, SJ; Jin, Hosub; Cho, Deok-Yong; Noh, TWARTICLE790
2016-02-24Quasi-coherent mode observation in KSTAR ohmic plasmas with microwave imaging reflectometryPark, Hyeon Keo; Lee, JA; Lee, Woochang; Leem, June-eok; Yun, Gunsu; Kim, TK; Park, H; Kim, KW; Park, YS; Ko, SH; Domier, CW; Luhmann, Jr., NC; the KSTAR teamCONFERENCE129
2005-05Structural analysis of block copolymer thin films with grazing incidence small-angle X-ray scatteringLee, B; Park, I; Yoon, J; Park, Soojin; Kim, J; Kim, KW; Chang, T; Ree, MARTICLE829
2017-10-23Study of quasi-coherent fluctuations in low-density ECH and NBI L-mode plasmas on KSTARLee, W; Ko, SH; Leem, J; Yun, GS; Park, Hyeon Keo; Kim, KW; Luhmann Jr, N.CCONFERENCE98
Showing results 1 to 11 of 11