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2016-04A fluorescent chemosensor for Al3+ based on julolidine and tryptophan moietiesChoi, Yewon; Lee, JaeJun; Nam, Eunju; Lim, Mi Hee; Kim, ChealARTICLE562
2016-10A highly selective fluorescent sensor for the detection of Al3+ and CN- in aqueous solution: Biological applications and DFT calculationsJo, Tae Geun; Lee, Jae Jun; Nam, Eunju; Bok, Kwon Hee; Lim, Mi Hee; Kim, ChealARTICLE460
2017-06A highly selective turn-on chemosensor for Zn2+ in aqueous media and living cellsJung, Jae Min; Lee, Seong Youl; Nam, Eunju; Lim, Mi Hee; Kim, ChealARTICLE548
2018-02A highly sensitive and selective fluorescent chemosensor for the sequential recognition of Zn2+ and S2- in living cells and aqueous mediaYun, Jin Yeong; Jo, Tae Geun; Han, Jiyeon; Jang, Hyo Jung; Lim, Mi Hee; Kim, ChealARTICLE475
2018-08A novel “off-on” type fluorescent chemosensor for detection of Zn2+ and its zinc complex for “on-off” fluorescent sensing of sulfide in aqueous solution, in vitro and in vivoJung, Jae Min; Kang, Ji Hye; Han, Jiyeon; Lee, Hyojin; Lim, Mi Hee; Kim, Ki-Tae; Kim, ChealARTICLE317
2016-04A PET-based fluorometric chemosensor for the determination of mercury(II) and pH, and hydrolysis reaction-based colorimetric detection of hydrogen sulfideLee, Jae Jun; Kim, Yong Sung; Nam, Eunju; Lee, Sun Young; Lim, Mi Hee; Kim, ChealARTICLE494
2017-05A single fluorescent chemosensor for multiple targets of Cu2+, Fe2+/3(+) and Al3+ in living cells and a near-perfect aqueous solutionJo, Tae Geun; Jung, Jae Min; Han, Jiyeon; Lim, Mi Hee; Kim, ChealARTICLE385
2018-05A water-soluble fluorescence chemosensor for the sequential detection of Zn2+ and pyrophosphate in living cells and zebrafishKang, Ji Hye; Han, Jiyeon; Lee, Hyojin; Lim, Mi Hee; Kim, Ki-Tae; Kim, ChealARTICLE297
2017-05A zinc fluorescent sensor used to detect mercury (II) and hydrosulfideJung, Jae Min; Lee, Jae Jun; Nam, Eunju; Lim, Mi Hee; Kim, Cheal; Harrison, Roger G.ARTICLE592
2017-04Colorimetric detection of Fe3+ and Fe2+ and sequential fluorescent detection of Al3+ and pyrophosphate by an imidazole-based chemosensor in a near-perfect aqueous solutionJo, Tae Geun; Bok, Kwon Hee; Han, Jiyeon; Lim, Mi Hee; Kim, ChealARTICLE576
2017-03Dinuclear Iron(III) and Nickel(II) Complexes Containing N-(2-Pyridylmethyl)-N '-(2-hydroxyethyl)ethylenediamine: Catalytic Oxidation and Magnetic PropertiesJeong, Ah Rim; Shin, Jong Won; Jeong, Jong Hwa; Bok, Kwon Hee; Kim, Cheal; Jeong, Donghyun; Cho, Jaeheung; Hayami, Shinya; Min, Kil SikARTICLE90
2012-06Exploring the reactivity of flavonoid compounds with metal-associated amyloid-beta speciesHe, Xiaoming; Park, Hyun Min; Hyung, Suk-Joon; DeToma, Alaina S.; Kim, Cheal; Ruotolo, Brandon T.; Lim, Mi HeeARTICLE540
2018-01Fluorescent sensor for sequentially monitoring zinc(II) and cyanide anion in near-perfect aqueous mediaJang, Hyo Jung; Kang, Ji Hye; Lee, Misum; Lim, Mi Hee; Kim, ChealARTICLE317
2014-01Rational design of a structural framework with potential use to develop chemical reagents that target and modulate multiple facets of Alzheimer's diseaseLee, Sanghyun; Zheng, Xueyun; Krishnamoorthy, Janarthanan; Savelieff, Masha G.; Park, Hyun Min; Brender, Jeffrey R.; Kim, Jin Hoon; Derrick, Jeffrey S.; Kochi, Akiko; Lee, Hyuck Jin; Kim, Cheal; Ramamoorthy, Ayyalusamy; Bowers, Michael T.; Lim, Mi HeeARTICLE633
2011-06Robust and Efficient Amide-Based Nonheme Manganese(III) Hydrocarbon Oxidation Catalysts: Substrate and Solvent Effects on Involvement and Partition of Multiple Active OxidantsSong, Young Joo; Lee, Sun Hwa; Park, Hyun Min; Kim, Soo Hyun; Goo, Hyo Geun; Eom, Geun Hee; Lee, Ju Hoon; Lah, Myoung Soo; Kim, Youngmee; Kim, Sung-Jin; Lee, Ju Eun; Lee, Hong-In; Kim, ChealARTICLE586
2017-12Single fluorescent chemosensor for multiple targets: sequential detection of Al3+ and pyrophosphate and selective detection of F- in near-perfect aqueous solutionHwang, Suh Mi; Kim, Min Seon; Lee, Misun; Lim, Mi Hee; Kim, ChealARTICLE251
2017-05Thiophene and diethylaminophenol-based “turn-on” fluorescence chemosensor for detection of Al3+ and F- in a near-perfect aqueous solutionJeong, Ha Young; Lee, Seong Youl; Han, Jiyeon; Lim, Mi Hee; Kim, ChealARTICLE457
Showing results 1 to 17 of 17