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2003-04-06A Subspace Approach to Single Channel Signal Separation Using Maximum Likelihood Weighting FiltersJang, Gil-Jin; Lee, TW; Oh, YHCONFERENCE150
2013-02Acoustic Interference Cancellation for a Voice-driven Interface in Smart TVsPark, Jeong-Sik; Jang, Gil-Jin; Kim, Ji-Hwan; Kim, Sang-HoonARTICLE754
2004-10-04Adaptive Cross-Channel Interference Cancellation on Blind Signal Separation Outputs Using Source Absence/Presence Detection and Spectral SubtractionJang, Gil-Jin; Choi, C; Lee, Y; Kim, SRCONFERENCE145
2022-01-23Advanced Ear Examination using Deep Learning-assisted Mobile OtoscopeAskaruly, Sanzhar; Yang, Hyunmo; Aimakov, Nurbolat; Na, Geoseong; Ahn, Yujin; You, Joon S.; Jang, Gil-Jin; Jang, Jeong Hun; Jung, WoonggyuCONFERENCE184
2017-05Configuration Guidance Framework for Molecular Dynamics Simulations in Virtualized ClustersHan, Jaeung; Kim, Changdae; Huh, Jaehyuk; Jang, Gil-Jin; Choi, Young-RiARTICLE1393
2013-02Efficient Noise Suppression for Robust Speech RecognitionJang, Gil-Jin; Lee, KangyeoulMaster's thesis914
2011-12Efficient spectrum estimation of noise using line spectral pairs for robust speech recognitionJang, Gil-Jin; Cho, H-YARTICLE746
2022-07Encoder-Weighted W-Net for Unsupervised Segmentation of Cervix Region in Colposcopy ImagesPark, Jinhee; Yang, Hyunmo; Roh, Hyun-Jin; Jung, Woonggyu; Jang, Gil-JinARTICLE87
2014-11-08Facial emotion recognition using active shape models and statistical pattern recognizersJang, Gil-Jin; Park, Jeong-Sik; Jo, Ahra; Kim, Ji-HwanCONFERENCE155
2013-05Gaussian mixture model-based classification of dynamic contrast enhanced MRI data for identifying diverse tumor microenvironments: preliminary resultsHan, S. H.; Ackerstaff, E.; Stoyanova, R.; Carlin, S.; Huang, W.; Koutcher, J. A.; Kim, J. K.; Cho, G.; Jang, Gil-Jin; Cho, HyungjoonARTICLE863
2014-01Glaucomatous Patterns in Frequency Doubling Technology (FDT) Perimetry Data Identified by Unsupervised Machine Learning ClassifiersBowd, Christopher; Weinreb, Robert N.; Balasubramanian, Madhusudhanan; Lee, Intae; Jang, Gil-Jin; Yousefi, Siamak; Zangwill, Linda M.; Medeiros, Felipe A.; Girkin, Christopher A.; Liebmann, Jeffrey M.; Goldbaum, Michael H.ARTICLE854
2012-05Independent vector analysis based on overlapped cliques of variable width for frequency-domain blind signal separationLee, Intae; Jang, Gil-JinARTICLE753
2007-04-18Independent Vector Analysis using Non-Spherical Joint Densities for the Separation of Speech SignalsJang, Gil-Jin; Lee, Intae; Lee, Te-WonCONFERENCE124
2001-05-07Learning statistically efficient features for speaker recognitionJang, Gil-Jin; Lee, TW; Oh, YHCONFERENCE154
2011-11Line Spectral Frequency-based Noise Suppression for Speech-Centric Interface of Smart DevicesJang, Gil-Jin; Park, Jeong-Sik; Kim, Ji-Hwan; Seo, Yong-HoARTICLE860
2012-11Minimum Discrimination Information-based Language Model Adaptation Using Tiny Domain Corpora for Intelligent Personal AssistantsJang, Gil-Jin; Kim, Saejoon; Kim, Ji-HwanARTICLE749
2013-08-25Monaural Speech Segregation Based on Pitch Track Correction Using An Ensemble Kalman FilterJang, Gil-Jin; Kim, Han Gyu; Park, Jung Sik; Oh, Yong HwanCONFERENCE134
2012-08Multistage Utterance Verification for Keyword Recognition-based Online Spoken Content RetrievalPark, Jeong-Sik; Jang, Gil-Jin; Kim, Ji-HwanARTICLE742
2012-01Music-aided affective interaction between human and service robotPark, Jeong-Sik; Jang, Gil-Jin; Seo, Yong-HoARTICLE780
2013-07-08Noise reduction scheme for speech recognition in mobile devicesPark, J.S.; Jang, Gil-Jin; Kim, J.-H.CONFERENCE153
Showing results 1 to 20 of 38