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2014-11Development of Double-Perovskite Compounds as Cathode Materials for Low-Temperature Solid Oxide Fuel CellsYoo, Seonyoung; Jun, Areum; Ju, Young-Wan; Odkhuu, Dorj; Hyodo, Junji; Jeong, Hu Young; Park, Noejung; Shin, Jeeyoung; Ishihara, Tatsumi; Kim, GuntaeARTICLE1349
2015-04Discharge performance of solid-state oxygen shuttle metal-air battery using Ca-stabilized ZrO2</inf> electrolyteInoishi, Atsushi; Kim, Hack-Ho; Sakai, Takaai; Ju, Young-Wan; Ida, Shintaro; Ishihara, TatsumiARTICLE758
2014-12Effect of Ni/Fe ratio on the performance and stability of the Fe-air rechargeable battery using a La0.9Sr0.1Ga0.8Mg0.2O3 electrolyteInoishi, Atsushi; Sakai, Takaaki; Ju, Young-Wan; Ida, Shintaro; Ishihara, TatsumiARTICLE761
2014-06Growth of thin-film layered perovskite cathodes by pulsed laser deposition and their electrochemical studies in IT-SOFCsJu, Young-Wan; Jun, Areu; Inoishi, Atsushi; Ida, Shintaro; Lim, Tak-hyoung; Kim, Guntae; Ishihara, TatsumiARTICLE900
2015-10Honeycomb-Like Perovskite Oxide Electrocatalyst for a Hybrid Li-Air BatteryJu, Young-Wan; Yoo, Seonyoung; Guo, Limin; Kim, Changmin; Inoishi, Atsushi; Jeong, Hu Young; Shin, Jeeyoung; Ishihara, Tatsumi; Yim, Sung-Dae; Kim, GuntaeARTICLE914
2015-06Ruddlesden Popper oxides of LnSr(3)Fe(3)O(10-delta) (Ln = La, Pr, Nd, Sm, Eu, and Gd) as active cathodes for low temperature solid oxide fuel cellsChaianansutcharit, Soamwadee; Hosoi, Kohei; Hyodo, Junji; Ju, Young-Wan; Ishihara, TatsumiARTICLE718
2017-10Self-Decorated MnO Nanoparticles on Double Perovskite Solid Oxide Fuel Cell Anode by in Situ ExsolutionSengodan, Sivaprakash; Ju, Young-Wan; Kwon, Ohhun; Jun, Areum; Jeong, Hu Young; Ishihara, Tatsumi; Shin, Jeeyoung; Kim, GuntaeARTICLE628
2017-08Structural, Electrical, and Electrochemical Characteristics of LnBa(0.5)Sr(0.5)Co(1.5)Fe(0.5)O(5+delta) (Ln=Pr, Sm, Gd) as Cathode Materials in Intermediate-Temperature Solid Oxide Fuel CellsJeong, Donghwi; Jun, Areum; Ju, Young-Wan; Hyodo. Junji; Shin, Jeeyoung; Ishihara, Tatsumi; Lim, Tak-Hyoung; Kim, GuntaeARTICLE447
Showing results 1 to 8 of 8