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2013-05CsCdInQ(3) (Q = Se, Te): New Photoconductive Compounds As Potential Materials for Hard Radiation DetectionLi, H; Malliakas, CD; Peters, JA; Liu, Z; Im, J; Jin, Hosub; Morris, CD; Zhao, LD; Wessels, BW; Freeman, AJ; Kanatzidis, MGARTICLE500
2004-06Diameter-controlled synthesis of discrete and uniform-sized single-walled carbon nanotubes using monodisperse iron oxide nanoparticles embedded in zirconia nanoparticle arrays as catalystsHan, SJ; Yu, TK; Park, Jongnam; Koo, B; Joo, J; Hyeon, T; Hong, S; Im, JARTICLE508
2014-01LiPbSb3S6: A Semiconducting Sulfosalt with Very Low Thermal ConductivityAgha, EC; Malliakas, CD; Im, J; Jin, Hosub; Zhao, LD; Freeman, AJ; Kanatzidis, MGARTICLE428
2015-01Photo-Induced Current Transient Spectroscopy of Semi-insulating Single Crystal Cs2Hg6S7Liu, Z; Peters, JA; Li, H; Kanatzidis, MG; Im, J; Jin, Hosub; Freeman, AJ; Wessels, BWARTICLE554
2013-07Photoconductivity in Tl6SI4: A Novel Semiconductor for Hard Radiation DetectionNguyen, SL; Malliakas, CD; Peters, JA; Liu, Z; Im, J; Zhao, LD; Sebastian, M; Jin, Hosub; Li, H; Johnsen, S; Wessels, BW; Freeman, AJ; Kanatzidis, MGARTICLE535
2015-06Search and design of nonmagnetic centrosymmetric layered crystals with large local spin polarizationLiu, Q; Zhang, X; Jin, Hosub; Lam, K; Im, J; Freeman, AJ; Zunger, AARTICLE668
Showing results 1 to 6 of 6