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2013-04Calix[n] imidazolium as a new class of positively charged homo-calix compoundsChun, Young; Singh, N. Jiten; Hwang, In-Chul; Lee, Jung Woo; Yu, Seong Uk; Kim, Kwang S.ARTICLE894
2011-04CO2 Capturing Mechanism in Aqueous Ammonia: NH3-Driven Decomposition-Recombination PathwayKim, Dong Young; Lee, Han Myoung; Min, Seung Kyu; Cho, Yeonchoo; Hwang, In-Chul; Han, Kunwoo; Kim, Je Young; Kim, Kwang S.ARTICLE887
2015-11High-temperature in situ crystallographic observation of reversible gas sorption in impermeable organic cagesBaek, Seung Bin; Moon, Dohyun; Graf, Robert; Cho, Woo Jong; Park, Sung Woo; Yoon, Tae-Ung; Cho, Seung Joo; Hwang, In-Chul; Bae, Youn-Sang; Spiess, Hans W.; Lee, Hee Cheon; Kim, Kwang S.ARTICLE886
2009-07Near-field focusing and magnification through self-assembled nanoscale spherical lensesLee, Ju Young; Hong, Byung Hee; Kim, Woo Youn; Min, Seung Kyu; Kim, Yukyung; Jouravlev, Mikhail V.; Bose, Ranojoy; Kim, Keun Soo; Hwang, In-Chul; Kaufman, Laura J.; Wong, Chee Wei; Kim, Philip; Kim, Kwang S.ARTICLE785
2018-11Rational Design and Construction of Hierarchical Superstructures Using Shape-Persistent Organic Cages: Porphyrin Box-Based Metallosupramolecular AssembliesKim, Younghoon; Koo, Jaehyoung; Hwang, In-Chul; Mukhopadhyay, Rahul Dev; Hong, Soonsang; Yoo, Jejoong; Dar, Ajaz Ahmad; Kim, Ikjin; Moon, Dohyun; Shin, Tae Joo; Ko, Young Ho; Kim, KimoonARTICLE397
Showing results 1 to 5 of 5