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1995-10-19A cold- and ABA-inducible Zinc-finger factor from soybean regulated by intracellular Ca2+-levelCho, Moo Je; Kim, JC; Lee, SH; Chung, YH; Heo, WD; Seo, HY; Chung, WS; Hwang, I; Hong, JCCONFERENCE123
2001A novel cold-inducible zinc finger protein from soybean, SCOF-1, enhances cold tolerance in transgenic plantsKim, JC; Lee, SH; Cheong, YH; Yoo, CM; Lee, SI; Chun, HJ; Yun, DJ; Hong, JC; Lee, SY; Lim, CO; Cho, Moo JeARTICLE952
1996-10-24Cold-induced expression of a soybean zinc-finger protein os mediated by both transcriptional and post-transcriptional regulationCho, Moo Je; Kim, JC; Lee, SH; Cheung, YH; Heo, WD; Chung, WS; Hong, JC; Han, CDCONFERENCE100
1997Differential expression of two functional serine/threonine protein kinases from soyabean that have an unusual acidic domain at the carboxy terminusYoon, HW; Kim, MC; Shin, PG; Kim, JS; Kim, CY; Lee, SY; Hwang, I; Bahk, JD; Hong, JC; Han, C; Cho, Moo JeARTICLE811
1995-10-19DNA binding specificity of the STF1, a novel plant bZIP factor recognizing CRE/Hex elementsCho, Moo Je; Yoo, CM; Cheong, YH; Ryu, GR; Hong, JCCONFERENCE91
2001-10-11Gene expression profiles during the hydrogen peroxide stress in chinese cabbageCho, Moo Je; Kim, JY; Yang, KA; Lee, MH; Choi, YJ; Hong, JC; Lee, SY; Lim, COCONFERENCE121
1994-10-14Isolation and Characterization of cDNA Encoding Nucleosome Assembly Protein-1 from SoybeanCho, Moo Je; Yoon, HW; Kim, MC; Hong, JC; Bahk, JD; Lee, SY; Hwang, ICONFERENCE88
1994-09-29Isolation and characterization of TATA-binding protein from soybeanCho, Moo Je; Park, JM; Cheong, YH; Yoo, JM; Hong, JCCONFERENCE92
1994-10-14Isolation and Characterization of TATA-binding Protein from SoybeanCho, Moo Je; Park, JM; Cheong, YH; Yoo, CM; Hong, JCCONFERENCE100
1995-12Molecular cloning and functional characterization of a cDNA encoding nucleosome assembly protein 1 (NAP-1) from soybeanYoon, HW; Kim, MC; Lee, SY; Hwang, I; Bahk, JD; Hong, JC; Ishimi, Y; Cho, Moo JeARTICLE776
1995-10-19Molecular cloning of six different 14-3-3 proteins from soybeanCho, Moo Je; Ryu, GR; Yoo, CM; Hong, JCCONFERENCE78
2003-01NDP kinase 2 interacts with two oxidative stress-activated MAPKs to regulate cellular redox state and enhances multiple stress tolerance in transgenic plantsMoon, H; Lee, B; Choi, G; Shin, S; Prasad, DT; Lee, O; Kwak, SS; Kim, DH; Nam, J; Bahk, J; Hong, JC; Lee, SY; Cho, Moo Je; Lim, CO; Yun, DJARTICLE782
2004-08Pathogen- and NaCl-induced expression of the SCaM-4 promoter is mediated in part by a GT-1 box that interacts with a GT-1-like transcription factorPark, HC; Kim, ML; Kang, YH; Jeon, JM; Yoo, JH; Kim, MC; Park, Chan Young; Jeong, JC; Moon, BC; Lee, JH; Yoon, HW; Lee, SH; Chung, WS; Lim, CO; Lee, SY; Hong, JC; Cho, Moo JeARTICLE962
1998-10-22SCOF-1 is a C2H2-type zinc finger transcription factor, which enhances DNA binding activity of bZIP proteins and chilling tolerance of plantsCho, Moo Je; Kim, JC; Lee, SH; Cheong, YH; Yoo, CM; Chun, HJ; Lee, SI; Hong, JCCONFERENCE85
2002Soybean ascorbate peroxidase suppresses Bax-induced apoptosis in yeast by inhibiting oxygen radical generationMoon, H; Baek, D; Lee, B; Prasad, DT; Lee, SY; Cho, Moo Je; Lim, CO; Choi, MS; Bahk, J; Kim, MO; Hong, JC; Yun, DJARTICLE1053
1998-07STF1 is a novel TGACG-binding factor with a zinc-finger motif and a bZIP domain which heterodimerizes with GBF proteinsCheong, YH; Yoo, CM; Park, JM; Ryu, GR; Goekjian, VH; Nagao, RT; Key, JL; Cho, Moo Je; Hong, JCARTICLE845
Showing results 1 to 17 of 17