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1998-07Activation of phospholipase D1 by direct interaction with ADP-ribosylation factor 1 and RalAKim, Jae Ho; Lee, Sang Do; Han, Jung Min; Lee, Taehoon G; Kim, Yong; Park, Jong Bae; Lambeth, J. David; Suh, Pann-Ghill; Ryu, Sung HoARTICLE674
2000Carbachol-induced phosphorylation of phospholipase D1 in COS-7 cellsSuh, Pann-Ghill; Lee, Byoung Dae; Kim, Yong; Han, Jung Min; Ryu, Sung HoCONFERENCE90
2000-02-14Compartmentalization of phospholipase D regulation: Localization of phospholipase D1 phosphorylation in caveolin-enriched membrane domainSuh, Pann-Ghill; Kim, Yong; Han, Jung Min; Han, Byung Ryul; Lee, Kyung-A; Kim, Jae Ho; Lee, Byoung Dae; Jang, Il-Ho; Ryu, Sung HoCONFERENCE117
1997-10-29Direct association of Grb2 with phospholipase D1Suh, Pann-Ghill; Han, Jung Min; Kim, Jae Ho; Lee, Sang Do; Hong, Seung Bum; Ryu, Sung HoCONFERENCE104
2002-11Localization of phospholipase D1 to caveolin-enriched membrane via palmitoylation: Implications for epidermal growth factor signalingHan, Jung Min; Kim, Yong; Lee, Jun Sung; Lee, Chang Sup; Lee, Byoung Dae; Ohba, Motoi; Kuroki, Toshio; Suh, Pann-Ghill; Ryu, Sung HoARTICLE681
1999-01Phospholipase D1 is located and activated by protein kinase C alpha in the plasma membrane in 3Y1 fibroblast cellKim, Yong; Kim, Jung-Eun; Lee, Sang Do; Lee, Taehoon G.; Kim, Jae Ho; Park, Jong Bae; Han, Jung Min; Jang, Sung Key; Suh, Pann-Ghill; Ryu, Sung HoARTICLE850
2000-09Phospholipase D2 activity suppresses hydrogen peroxide-induced apoptosis in PC12 cellsLee, Sang Do; Lee, Byoung Dae; Han, Jung Min; Kim, Jae Ho; Kim, Yong; Suh, Pann-Ghill; Ryu, Sung HoARTICLE629
1999-08Phosphorylation and activation of phospholipase D1 by protein kinase C in vivo: Determination of multiple phosphorylation sitesKim, Yong; Han, Jung Min; Park, Jong Bae; Lee, Sang Do; Oh, Yong Seok; Chung, Churo; Lee, Taehoon G.; Kim, Jae Ho; Park, Seung-Kiel; Yoo, Jong-Shin; Suh, Pann-Ghill; Ryu, SHARTICLE684
Showing results 1 to 8 of 8