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2017-06Electronic and magnetic properties of epitaxial SrRhO3 filmsNichols, John; Yuk, Simuck F.; Sohn, Changhee; Jeen, Hyoungjeen; Freeland, John W.; Cooper, Valentino R.; Lee, Ho NyungARTICLE242
2015-12Electronic structure and insulating gap in epitaxial VO2 polymorphsLee, Shinbuhm; Meyer, Tricia L.; Sohn, Changhee; Lee, Donghwa; Nichols, John; Lee, Dongkyu; Seo, Sung S. Ambrose; Freeland, John W.; Noh, Tae Won; Lee, Ho NyungARTICLE206
2018-04Oxygen Diode Formed in Nickelate Heterostructures by Chemical Potential MismatchGuo, Er-Jia; Liu, Yaohua; Sohn, Changhee; Desautels, Ryan D.; Herklotz, Andreas; Liao, Zhaoliang; Nichols, John; Freeland, John W.; Fitzsimmons, Michael R.; Lee, Ho NyungARTICLE215
2019-01Room-Temperature Ferromagnetic Insulating State in Cation-Ordered Double-Perovskite Sr 2 Fe 1+ x Re 1− x O 6 FilmsSohn, Changhee; Skoropata, Elizabeth; Choi, Yongseong; Gao, Xiang; Rastogi, Ankur; Huon, Amanda; McGuire, Michael A.; Nuckols, Lauren; Zhang, Yanwen; Freeland, John W.; Haskel, Daniel; Lee, Ho NyungARTICLE244
2018-01Strain control of oxygen kinetics in the Ruddlesden-Popper oxide La1.85Sr0.15CuO4Meyer, Tricia L.; Jacobs, Ryan; Lee, Dongkyu; Jiang, Lu; Freeland, John W.; Sohn, Changhee; Egami, Takeshi; Morgan, Dane; Lee, Ho NyungARTICLE228
Showing results 1 to 5 of 5