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2021-06A machine learning approach for early warning of cyanobacterial bloom outbreaks in a freshwater reservoirPark, Yongeun; Lee, Han Kyu; Shin, Jae-Ki; Chon, Kangmin; Kim, SungHwan; Cho, Kyung Hwa; Kim, Jin Hwi; Baek, Sang-SooARTICLE11
2020-07A novel water quality module of the SWMM model for assessing Low Impact Development (LID) in Urban watershedsBaek, Sang-Soo; Ligaray, Mayzonee; Pyo, Jongcheol; Park, Jong-Pyo; Kang, Joo-Hyon; Pachepsky, Yakov; Chun, Jong Ahn; Cho, Kyung HwaARTICLE274
2017-08Assessing the efficiency of aggregate low impact development (LID) at a small urbanized sub-catchment under different storm scenariosJeon, Dong Jin; Ki, Seo Jin; Baek, Sang-Soo; Cha, Yoonkyung; Cho, Kyung Hwa; Yoon, Kwang-Sik; Shin, Hyun Suk; Kim, Joon HaARTICLE824
2020-11-13Convolutional neural network for estimating vertical profiles of harmful cyanobacteria using drone-borne hyperspectral image in lake waterHong, Seok Min; Baek, Sang-Soo; Yun, Daeun; Kwon, Yong-Hwan; Pyo, JongCheol; Cho, Kyung HwaCONFERENCE92
2020-11-13Deep learning for simulating Alexandrium with ocean numerical modelBaek, Sang-Soo; Kim, Young Ok; Baek, Seung Ho; Ahn, Chi-Young; Oh, Hee-Mock; Cho, Kyung HwaCONFERENCE47
2019-10Deep neural networks for modeling fouling growth and flux decline during NF/RO membrane filtrationPark, Sanghun; Baek, Sang-Soo; Pyo, JongCheol; Pachepsky, Yakov; Park, Jongkwan; Cho, Kyung HwaARTICLE442
2021-07Developing a cloud-based toolbox for sensitivity analysis of a water quality modelKim, Soobin; Kwon, Yong Sung; Pyo, JongCheol; Ligaray, Mayzonee; Min, Joong-Hyuk; Ahn, Jung Min; Baek, Sang-Soo; Cho, Kyung HwaARTICLE4
2021-06Developing a deep learning model for the simulation of micro-pollutants in a watershedYun, Daeun; Abbas, Ather; Jeon, Junho; Ligaray, Mayzonee; Baek, Sang-Soo; Cho, Kyung HwaARTICLE32
2019-12Developing a hydrological simulation tool to design bioretention in a watershedBaek, Sang-Soo; Ligaray, Mayzonee; Park, Jong-Pyo; Shin, Hyun-Suk; Kwon, Yongsung; Brascher, Joseph T.; Cho, Kyung HwaARTICLE525
2015-07Evaluation of a hydrology and run-off BMP model in SUSTAIN on a commercial area and a public park in South KoreaBaek, Sang-Soo; Choi, Dong-Ho; Jung, Jae-Woon; Yoon, Kwang-Sik; Cho, Kyung HwaARTICLE1064
2020-11-12Harmful algae prediction using deep neural networkPyo, JongCheol; Park, Lan Joo; Yakov, Pachepsky; Baek, Sang-Soo; Kim, Kyunghyun; Cho, Kyung HwaCONFERENCE48
2020-08Identification and enumeration of cyanobacteria species using a deep neural networkBaek, Sang-Soo; Pyo, JongCheol; Pachepsky, Yakov; Park, Yongeun; Ligaray, Mayzonee; Ahn, Chi-Yong; Kim, Young-Hyo; Chun, Jong Ahn; Cho, Kyung HwaARTICLE189
2021-03Identification of influencing factors of A. catenella bloom using machine learning and numerical simulationBaek, Sang-Soo; Kwon, Yong Sung; Pyo, JongCheol; Choi, Jungmin; Kim, Young Ok; Cho, Kyung HwaARTICLE11
2017-12Optimizing Agricultural Best Management Practices in a Lake Erie WatershedPho, Jongcheol; Baek, Sang-Soo; Kim, Minjeong; Park, Sanghun; Lee, Hyuk; Ra, Jin-Sung; Cho, Kyung HwaARTICLE575
2015-12Optimizing low impact development (LID) for stormwater runoff treatment in urban area, Korea: Experimental and modeling approachBaek, Sang-Soo; Choi, Dong-Ho; Jung, Jae-Woon; Lee, Hyung-Jin; Lee, Hyuk; Yoon, Kwang-Sik; Cho, Kyung HwaARTICLE620
2017-06Optimizing Semi-Analytical Algorithms for Estimating Chlorophyll-a and Phycocyanin Concentrations in Inland Waters in KoreaPyo, JongCheol; Pachepsky, Yakov; Baek, Sang-Soo; Kwon, YongSeong; Kim, MinJeong; Lee, Hyuk; Park, Sanghyun; Cha, YoonKyung; Park, Yongeun; Cho, Kyung HwaARTICLE474
2021-01Replacing the internal standard to estimate micropollutants using deep and machine learningBaek, Sang-Soo; Choi, Younghun; Jeon, Junho; Pyo, JongCheol; Park, Jongkwan; Cho, Kyung HwaARTICLE39
2021-02Sensitivity Analysis and Optimization of a Radiative Transfer Numerical Model for Turbid Lake WaterPyo, JongCheol; Kwon, Yong Sung; Ahn, Jae-Hyun; Baek, Sang-Soo; Kwon, Yong-Hwan; Cho, Kyung HwaARTICLE17
2019-12Simulating seasonal variability of phytoplankton in stream water using the modified SWAT modelPyo, JongCheol; Pachepsky, Yakov A.; Kim, Minjeong; Baek, Sang-Soo; Lee, Hyuk; Cha, YoonKyung; Park, Yongeun; Cho, Kyung HwaARTICLE502
2020-06Unique microbial module regulates the harmful algal bloom (Cochlodinium polykrikoides) and shifts the microbial community along the Southern Coast of KoreaCui, Yingshun; Chun, Seong-Jun; Baek, Sang-Soo; Baek, Seung Ho; Kim, Pyoung-Joong; Son, Moonho; Cho, Kyung Hwa; Ahn, Chi-Yong; Oh, Hee-MockARTICLE142
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