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2018-04-12Ambient air oxidation behavior of intrinsic graphene defects for different origins on copper조용수; 곽진성; 박순동; 김나연; 김세양; 이종훈; 김성엽; 권순용CONFERENCE54
2012-09-12Band-Gap Tuning of MoS2 Monolayer by Mechanical Strains박순동; 김성엽CONFERENCE36
2013-02-26Computations for Nanoscale Materials김성엽; Duc Tam Ho; 박순동CONFERENCE30
2015-12-04Density functional theory study on the phase transformation of NiTi by mechanical deformation김성엽; 박순동; 조인수CONFERENCE34
2012-05-10DFT 계산을 통한 구조적인 변형에 따른 1H-MoS2의 밴드구조 변화 연구박순동; 김성엽; 호덕탐CONFERENCE29
2014-12-05Drastic change in the Poisson’s ratios in metal nanoplates김성엽; Duc Tam Ho; 박순동CONFERENCE31
2016-11-16Facile Observation of Intrinsic CVD Graphene Defects through Selective Oxygen Transport조용수; 곽진성; 박순동; 김나연; 김세양; 이종훈; 김성엽; 권순용CONFERENCE39
2018-02-21Facile Observation of Intrinsic CVD Graphene Defects through Selective Oxygen Transport조용수; 곽진성; 박순동; 김나연; 김세양; 이종훈; 김성엽; 권순용CONFERENCE35
2015-12-04First-principles calculation on the stability of cycled Li2MnSiO4 cathode material김성엽; 박순동CONFERENCE27
2014-07-21Mechanical instability of cubic materials under uniaxial loading박순동; Ho Duc Tam; Kim, Sung YoubCONFERENCE25
2014-10-17Mechanical Response of Nanoplates김성엽; Duc Tam Ho; 박순동CONFERENCE33
2014-06-16Negative Poisson’s Ratio in in Metal (001) NanoplatesHo Duc Tam; 박순동; Kim, Sung YoubCONFERENCE21
2014-05-01Negative Poisson’s ratio in metallic structuresHo Duc Tam; 박순동; 김호건; Kim, Sung YoubCONFERENCE29
2014-05-02Negative Poisson’s ratios in metals and metal nanoplatesHo, Duc Tam; 박순동; 김호건; 김성엽CONFERENCE27
2015-07-02Orientation-Sensitive Growth of Graphene on Texture-Controlled Platinum Thin Films and Thermal-Assisted Transfer of Patterned GrapheneChoi, Jae-Kyung; Kwak, Jinsung; 박순동; 윤형덕; 김세양; 정민복; Kim, Sung Youb; Park, Kibog; 강석태; 박동연; 이동수; 홍석경; 김성대; Shin, Hyung-Joon; Kwon, Soon-YongCONFERENCE29
2017-12-15The effect of surface stresses on the mechanical response of nanoscale metal structures김성엽; Duc Tam Ho; 박순동; 김호건; 이지은; 오현석CONFERENCE28
2014-05-02공유결합 재료에서 Hill의 불안정 조건에 대한 전산연구박순동; Ho, Duc Tam; 김성엽CONFERENCE25
2013-05-24규소 단결정에서 Hill의 불안정 조건에 대한 전산해석 연구박순동; 호덕탐; 김성엽CONFERENCE29
2013-05-24금 나노와이어의 기계적 파손 모드 해석 연구호덕탐; 김호건; 박순동; 김성엽CONFERENCE28
2012-05-10변형에 따른 NiTi의 상변태의 제1원리 계산김성엽; 박순동; 호덕탐CONFERENCE22
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