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2013-10-10Amine Based Polar Solvent Treatment for Highly Efficient Inverted Polymer Solar CellsSong, Myoung Hoon; 이보람; 정의대; 남윤석; 정민복; 박지선; 이승진; 최효성; 고서진; 신나라; 김영국; 김상욱; 김진영; 신형준; 조신욱CONFERENCE56
2011-04-07Bisbenzothiadiazole-based Donor-Acceptor Copolymers for Bulk-Heterojunction Solar CellsYang, Changduk; 김종기; 윤명희; 조신욱; 김진영CONFERENCE37
2018-04-25Fluorine Functionalized Graphene Nano Platelets for Highly Stable Inverted Perovskite Solar Cells김기환; 김진영CONFERENCE67
2012-04-12Highly Efficient Polymer Light-Emitting Diodes Using Graphene Oxide as a Hole Transport LayerSong, Myoung Hoon; 이보람; 김정우; 강동우; 고서진; 이현정; 이창렬; 김진영; 신현석CONFERENCE56
2013-04-11Highly Efficient Red-Emission Hybrid Polymer Light-Emitting Diodes Using Homogeneous Blend with Analogous MoietiesSong, Myoung Hoon; 이보람; 정은재; 박지선; 김지선; 김진영; 우한영CONFERENCE41
2018-09-13Hot slot die coating for additive-free fabrication of high performance roll-to-roll processed polymer solar cells김진영CONFERENCE37
2010-10-07Hybrid inorganic-organic light-emitting electochemical cells using fluorescent polymer/ionic liquid blends as active mediumSong, Myoung Hoon; 이현정; 이보람; 정은재; 우한영; 김진영CONFERENCE36
2018-10-12Interfacial Energy Barrier Control for Enhancing the Efficiency of Organic Optoelectronic Devices송명훈; 이승진; Nguyen, Thanh LuanL; 이상윤; 장충현; 김진영; 우한영CONFERENCE62
2010-10-07Ladder-Type Heteroacene Polymers Bearing Carbazole and Thiophene Ring Units and Their Use in Field-Effect Transistors and Photovoltaic CellsYang, Changduk; 김경식; Cheedarala, Ravi Kumar; 김기환; 이정훈; 김종기; 김진영CONFERENCE55
2016-04-21LSPR peak shift of Ag Nanodot Arrays in Polymer Solar Cells by Tuning the Refractive Index of Surrounding Medium송세영; 허정우; 이태경; 염혜림; 박수진; 워커 브라이트; 곽상규; 김진영CONFERENCE51
2016-10-13N-Fluorinated Benzene Effects on Thiophene-Quinoxaline Random Polymers for Well-Ordered film Morphology and Molecular Orientations이병규; 김태효; 김이호; 이상면; 김진영; 양창덕CONFERENCE63
2018-10-11Nanoparticle-Enhanced Silver Nanowire Plasmonic Electrodes for High-Performance Organic Optoelectronic Devices김진영; 김태효; 강세원; 고현협CONFERENCE52
2012-04-12Naphtho[2,3-c][1,2,5]thiadiazole-based conjugated polymersYang, Changduk; 김종기; 윤명희; 한아름; 이정훈; 김경식; 김보람; 김이호; 오준학; 김진영CONFERENCE39
2016-03-29Polymer material for highly efficient organic thin-film solar cell, and organic thin-film solar cell using same김진영; 우한영; 이원호; Thanh Luan Nguyen; Mohammad Afsar Uddin; 최효성; 고서진Patent836
2012-10-11Replacing 2,1,3-benzothiadiazole with 2,1,3-naphthothiadiazole in PCDTBT towards low bandgap polymer with low-lying HOMO energy levelYang, Changduk; 김종기; 윤명희; 김기환; 김진영CONFERENCE47
2012-10-11Replacing thiophene with selenophene in PCDTBT to lower LUMO for efficient polymer solar cellsYang, Changduk; 김보람; 염혜림; 김기환; 김진영CONFERENCE42
2010-04-08Synthesis of donor-acceptor rod-coil diblock copolymer compatibilizer and its effect on the morphology and performance of polythiophene:fullerene solar cellsYang, Changduk; 김종기; 윤명희; 김진영CONFERENCE34
2010-10-07The effect of donor-acceptor rod-coil diblock-copolymer as compatibilizer on the P3HT:PCBM polymer solar cellsYang, Changduk; 윤명희; 김종기; 김진영CONFERENCE34
2011-10-06Toward the Realization of Practical Diketopyrrolopyrrole-based Small Molecule for Improved Efficiency in Ternary BHJ Solar CellsYang, Changduk; 이정훈; 윤명희; 김종기; 김진영CONFERENCE51
2016-10-28Triple Halide-Bridged Perovskites for Highly Efficient Solution-Processed Hybrid Solar Cells김진영CONFERENCE26
Showing results 1 to 20 of 46