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2016-10-27Application of Pt-N doped carbon based catalyst for the outstanding stability for PEMFC김정원; 김창민; Bu, Yunfei; 권오훈; 주용완; 신지영; 김건태CONFERENCE40
2016-04-20Bi-Functional Catalyst for Air Electrode of Li-Air Battery : Nano-Structured Perovskite Oxide Prepared by Micro-Emulsion임채현; 김창민; 권오훈; 정동휘; 주용완; 신지영; 김건태CONFERENCE30
2018-05-03Bi-functional metal oxide catalyst with the novel infiltration for rechargeable metal-air battery김선아; 권오훈; 신지영; 김건태CONFERENCE36
2019-11-13Cation Swapping for High Power Density of SOFC주상욱; 권오훈; 임채현; 김건태CONFERENCE76
2018-05-03Effect of A-site strontium doping into Pr0.5Ba0.5FeO3-d as symmetrical solid oxide fuel cell electrodes김현민; 권오훈; 신지영; 김건태CONFERENCE38
2017-09-07Electrochemical performance of scandium doped perovskite oxide catalyst for Zn-air battery이한솔; 권오훈; 신지영; 김건태CONFERENCE24
2016-10-28Enhancement of the layered double Perovskite oxides PrBa0.5Sr0.5Co1.5Fe0.5O5+δ as a Bifunctional catalyst and its Application in Metal-air BatteryBu, Yunfei; 권오훈; 김건태CONFERENCE30
2019-01-18Exsolution characteristics for in-situ growth of alloy nanoparticles in layered perovskiteKim, Guntae; 주상욱; 권오훈CONFERENCE36
2017-04-14Function of A-site lanthanides and surface areas in simple perovskite oxide권오훈; 신지영; 김건태CONFERENCE26
2017-09-07Highly stable Fe and N co-doped graphene-nanoplatelets with well-dispersed nanoscale platinum for acidic fuel cells권오훈; 김정원; 신지영; 김건태CONFERENCE28
2016-04-21Improvement of Sulfur Tolerance for Ni-YSZ-BaCO3 Composite Anode권오훈; 김기현; 신지영; 김건태CONFERENCE28
2016-04-21Oxide Composite Catalyst for Oxygen Evolution in Hybrid Lithium Air Batteries권오훈; 주용완; 신지영; 김건태CONFERENCE35
2016-04-21Progress of a New Generation Four-Dimensional Ultrafast Electron Microscope for Studying Reversible and Irreversible Structural Dynamics with a High Spatiotemporal Resolution김영재; 권오훈CONFERENCE20
2016-08-19Proton Diffusion Dynamics along Diol as a Proton Conducting Wire in a Photo Amphiprotic Model System김예진; 권오훈CONFERENCE25
2016-04-21Proton Diffusion Dynamics along Diol as a Proton Conducting Wire in a Photo-Amphiproic Model System김예진; 권오훈CONFERENCE23
2016-07-11Proton Diffusion Dynamics along Diol as a Proton Conducting Wire in a Photo-Amphiprotic Model System김예진; 권오훈CONFERENCE20
2016-10-28Structural, electrical, and electrochemical properties of YBa0.5Sr0.5Co2-xFexO5+δ (x = 0, 0.25, 0.5, and 0.75) cathodes for intermediate-temperature solid oxide fuel cells주상욱; 권오훈; 신지영; 김건태CONFERENCE28
2016-08-19The Excited-State Proton-Transfer Dynamics of 6-Hydroxyquinoline with Amphiprotic Weak Acid in an Aprotic Solvent김정현; 권오훈CONFERENCE25
2016-06-03Ultrafast Electron Microscopy: Applications in Materials to Biological Science권오훈CONFERENCE14
Showing results 1 to 20 of 32