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2005-110.18-mu m CMOS equalization techniques for 10-Gb/s fiber optical communication linksMaeng, M; Bien, Franklin; Hur, Y; Kim, H; Chandramouli, S; Gebara, E; Laskar, JARTICLE1176
2010-06-041 Dimensional Fe2O3 Photoanode for Photoelectrochemical Water Splitting전휘찬; Lee, Jae Sung; 김은선; 김재영; 홍석준CONFERENCE62
2020-11-261 ton/day 폐수지 처리장치의 비상정비에 따른 작업자의 선량 평가변재훈; 최우년; 김희령CONFERENCE27
20091,1 '-Bis(N-benzimidazolylidene)ferrocene: synthesis and study of a novel ditopic ligand and its transition metal complexesVarnado, C. Daniel, Jr.; Lynch, Vincent M.; Bielawski, Christopher W.ARTICLE69
2018-071,4-Di(3-alkoxy-2-thienyI)-2,5-difluorophenylene: A Building Block Enabling High-Performance Polymer Semiconductors with Increased Open-Circuit VoltagesChen, Jianhua; Yan, Zhenglong; Tang, Linjing; Uddin, Mohammad Afsar; Yu, Jianwei; Zhou, Xin; Yang, Kun; Tang, Yumin; Shin, Tae Joo; Woo, Han Young; Guo, XugangARTICLE420
2014-011,6-Enyne Cyclizations Catalyzed by N-Heterocyclic Carbene Supported Gold Complexes: Deconvoluting Sterics and ElectronicsArumugam, Kuppuswamy; Varghese, Bibin; Brantley, Johnathan N.; Konda, Sai S. M.; Lynch, Vincent M.; Bielawski, Christopher W.ARTICLE143
2010-10-211-D Nanoporous Iron Oxide Structure for Photoelectrochemical Hydrogen Production전휘찬; Lee, Jae Sung; 김은선; 김재영; 홍석준CONFERENCE59
2019-061-D two-phase flow analysis for interlocking double layer counter flow mini-channel heat sinkLim, Kihoon; Lee, JaeseonARTICLE378
2014-121-Propanol as a co-guest of gas hydrates and its potential role in gas storage and CO2 sequestrationLee, Youngjun; Lee, Seungmin; Jin, Young Keun; Seo, YongwonARTICLE1030
2015-11-011-refueling location problem on a continuous tree networkKweon, Sang Jin; Hwang, SW; Ventura, JACONFERENCE72
2021-0210-bit SAR-ADC for OLED external compensation with offset calibrationBien, Franklin; Lee, Tae-HunMaster's thesis20
2007-1210-Gb/s optical fiber transmission using a fully analog electronic dispersion compensator (EDC) with unclocked decision-feedback equalizationChandramouli, Soumya; Bien, Franklin; Kim, Hyoungsoo; Scholz, Chris; Gebara, Edward; Laskar, JoyARTICLE1008
2016-02-0210.7 A 185fsrms-integrated-jitter and -245dB FOM PVT-robust ring-VCO-based injection-locked clock multiplier with a continuous frequency-tracking loop using a replica-delay cell and a dual-edge phase detectorChoi, Seojin; Yoo, Seyeon; Choi, JaehyoukCONFERENCE95
2016-10-28100 nm 두께 금 박막의 인장 물성 측정김나향; 김주영CONFERENCE90
2011-05(100) facets of gamma-Al2O3: The Active Surfaces for Alcohol Dehydration ReactionsKwak, Jahun; Mei, Donghai; Peden, Charles H. F.; Rousseau, Roger; Szanyi, JanosARTICLE907
2020-11100만 분의 1보다 낮은 사고 확률: 확률론적 안전성 평가 드러내고 감추기김건희; 김련우; 강성훈; 김효민ARTICLE84
2013-03-151060 nm tunable monolithic high index contrast subwavelength grating vertical-cavity surface-emitting laserAnsbæk, Thor; Chung, Il-Sug; Yvind, KrestenCONFERENCE69
2013-021060-nm Tunable Monolithic High Index Contrast Subwavelength Grating VCSELAnsbaek, Thor; Chung, Il-Sug; Semenova, Elizaveta S.; Yvind, KrestenARTICLE543
2019-08-0710B(n, α)7Li Reaction-Assisted Corrosion of Al-B4C Metal Matrix Composite Neutron Absorber Irradiated in Spent Nuclear Fuel PoolJung, Yunsong; Kim, Kiyoung; Ahn, SangjoonCONFERENCE115
2018-0711% Organic Photovoltaic Devices Based on PTB7-Th: PC71BM Photoactive Layers and Irradiation-Assisted ZnO Electron Transport LayersAqoma, Havid; Park, Sujung; Park, Hye-Yun; Hadmojo, Wisnu Tantyo; Oh, Seung-Hwan; Nho, Sungho; Kim, Do Hui; Seo, Jeonghoon; Park, Sungmin; Ryu, Du Yeol; Cho, Shinuk; Jang, Sung-YeonARTICLE297
Showing results 1 to 20 of 40716