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2012Biomimetic detection of aminoglycosidic antibiotics using polydiacetylene-phospholipids supramoleculesKang, Do Hyun; Jung, Ho-Sup; Ahn, Namyoung; Lee, Jiseok; Seo, Sungbaek; Suh, Kahp-Yang; Kim, Jinsang; Kim, KeesungARTICLE331
201204Colorimetric Detection of Warfare Gases by Polydiacetylenes Toward Equipment-Free DetectionLee, Jiseok; Seo, Sungbaek; Kim, JinsangARTICLE395
201205Design of Polydiacetylene-Phospholipid Supramolecules for Enhanced Stability and SensitivityKang, Do Hyun; Jung, Ho-Sup; Lee, Jiseok; Seo, Sungbaek; Kim, Jinsang; Kim, Keesung; Suh, Kahp-YangARTICLE411
201505Highly sensitive turn-on biosensors by regulating fluorescent dye assembly on liposome surfacesSeo, Sungbaek; Kwon, Min Sang; Phillips, Andrew W.; Seo, Deokwon; Kim, JinsangARTICLE140
201305Polydiacetylene Liposome Microarray Toward Influenza A Virus Detection: Effect of Target Size on Turn-On SignalingSeo, Sungbaek; Lee, Jiseok; Choi, Eun-Jin; Kim, Eun-Ju; Song, Jae-Young; Kim, JinsangARTICLE367
201801Rapid Light-Driven Color Transition of Novel Photoresponsive Polydiacetylene MoleculesLee, Jiseok; Seo, Sungbaek; Kim, JinsangARTICLE139
201708Significant Performance Enhancement of Polymer Resins by Bioinspired Dynamic BondingSeo, Sungbaek; Lee, Dong Woog; Ahn, Jin Soo; Cunha, Keila; Filippidi, Emmanouela; Ju, Sung Won; Shin, Eeseul; Kim, Byeong-Su; Levine, Zachary A.; Lins, Roberto D.; Israelachvili, Jacob N.; Waite, J. Herbert; Valentine, Megan T.; Shea, Joan Emma; Ahn, B. KollbeARTICLE184
201508Stimuli-Responsive Matrix-Assisted Colorimetric Water Indicator of Polydiacetylene NanofibersSeo, Sungbaek; Lee, Jiseok; Kwon, Min Sang; Seo, Deokwon; Kim, JinsangARTICLE279
201410Tailoring Intermolecular Interactions for Efficient Room-Temperature Phosphorescence from Purely Organic Materials in Amorphous Polymer MatricesKwon, Min Sang; Lee, Dongwook; Seo, Sungbaek; Jung, Jaehun; Kim, JinsangARTICLE171
201604Underwater contact adhesion and microarchitecture in polyelectrolyte complexes actuated by solvent exchangeZhao, Qiang; Lee, Dong Woog; Ahn, B. Kollbe; Seo, Sungbaek; Kaufman, Yair; Israelachvili, Jac ob N.; Waite, J. HerbertARTICLE530
Showing results 1 to 10 of 10