Lovins, Christopher


School of Liberal Arts(인문학부)

  • Korean History and Civilization
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Research Interests
early modern history;political legitimacy;science fiction;kingship;political history;consilience;comparative history;film studies;근고사;정치 정당성;공상과학소설;왕권;정치사;통섭;비교역사학;영화학
Lab Description
I’m interested in early modern Asian history, political legitimacy, history as represented on film, and history through science fiction. My publications include a scholarly monograph, An Enlightened Despot in Early Modern Korea, and articles in the Journal of the American Academy of Religion, the Journal of Asian History, and Acta Koreana. These works address comparative perspectives on early modern kingship, political legitimacy, consilience of the humanities and the sciences, and science fiction as a lens on contemporary social conditions.
I consider history to be one of the most vital areas of knowledge for student education, regardless of major, because a solid background in historical scholarship can help students make informed judgments regarding political decisions, social circumstances, and economic conditions. My primary goal is to impart to students a skeptical attitude towards all important truth-claims and to reject simple and straightforward answers to complex and multifaceted questions. I emphasize the contested nature of history, its complexity and contingency, its multiplicity of viewpoints and approaches.