Fynan, Douglas A.


Department of Nuclear Engineering(원자력공학과)

  • Nuclear Science, Simulation & Safety Lab.
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Research Interests
Nuclear Science;Reactor Physics;Dynamic PSA;Nuclear Engineering;원자력 과학;노물리;확률론적 안전성 평가;열수력;원자로안전학;원자력공학
Lab Description
The NSSS is an experimental lab to develop robust methodologies for rigorous treatment of uncertainties, identification of biases, and improved physics modeling for the evolving needs of the reactor physics and thermal-hydraulic fields. Target applications of the methodologies include reactor physics, BEPU, severe accident simulation, passive safety system assessment and design optimization. NSSS lab also explores new and innovative uses of nuclear science and technology including particle accelerator applications, alternative reactor coolants, and nuclear forensic techniques in nuclear nonproliferation.

Hakim, Arief RahmanFynan, Douglas A.

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Fynan, Douglas A.Seo, YeseulKim, GitaeBarros, SilviaKim, Mi Jin

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Fynan, Douglas A.

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