Oakley, Ian(2013-02-01 ~ 2023-08-28)


Department of Design / Graduate School of Creative Design Engineering(디자인학과)

Research Interests
Human-Computer Interaction;HCI;wearable interaction;multi-modal;tangible;augmented reality
Lab Description
The Interactions Lab at the Ulsan National Institute of Science and Technology focuses on the design, development and evaluation of physical, tangible and social interactive computing systems. Bringing together design perspectives, computer science skills and psychological methods, the Interactions lab conceives, creates and studies next generation human-computer interfaces.

Song, YoungeunOakley, Ian

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Hyunjae GilOakley, Ian

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Lee, SeungjiLee, DoyoungGil, HyunjaeOakley, IanCho, Yang SeokKim, Sung-Phil

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Spiliotopoulos, TasosOakley, Ian

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Ruensuk, MintraCheon, EunyongHong, HwajungOakley, Ian

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Esteves, AugustoShin, YonghwanOakley, Ian

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Spiliotopoulos, TasosOakley, Ian

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Lee, Chang-GyuDunn, Gregory LynnOakley, IanRyu, Jeha

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Gil, HyunjaeKim, HongminOakley, Ian

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Bianchi, AndreaOakley, Ian

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Lee, Chang-GyuOakley, IanKim, Eun-SooRyu, Jeha

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Bianchi, AndreaOakley, IanKim, Hyoungshick

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Martins, HenriqueOakley, IanVentura, Rodrigo

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Scott, MichellePereira, LucasOakley, Ian

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Oakley, IanBianchi, Andrea

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Vazquez-Alvarez, YolandaOakley, IanBrewster, Stephen A.

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Bianchi, AndreaOakley, IanKwon, Dong Soo

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Bianchi, AndreaOakley, IanKwon, Dong-Soo

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