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2023-02Short-term forecasting of summer air temperatures using machine learning in South KoreaIm, Jungho; Cho, DongjinDoctoral thesis906
2023-02Microscopic Road Safety Analysis : Understanding Risky Behavior in Road Users through Smart TechnologyCho, Gi-Hyoug; Kwon, Jae-HongDoctoral thesis977
2023-02Seismic Fragility Analysis of Nuclear Reactor Concrete Containments Subjected to Alkali-Silica ReactionShin, Myoungsu; Kim, ChanyoungDoctoral thesis756
2023-02Explainable deep learning-based characterization and forecasting of tropical cyclones through the synergistic fusion of satellite observations and numerical model dataIm, Jungho; Lee, JuhyunDoctoral thesis737
2023-02The Role of Media in Housing StudiesKim, Jeongseob; Oh, JihunDoctoral thesis849
2023-02Machine learning-based wildfire monitoring and characterization using geostationary satellite dataIm, Jungho; Kang, YoojinDoctoral thesis698
2023-02Development and methanogenic performance of DIET-active magnetite-embedded anaerobic granular sludgeLee, Changsoo; Kim, JinsuDoctoral thesis722
2023-02Anaerobic digestion of spent coffee grounds : A study on long-term stable operation and improved methanationLee, Changsoo; Kim, DanbeeDoctoral thesis759
2023-02Impacts of Physics Parameterization and Surface Boundary Conditions on Poleward-moving Tropical Cyclone Forecasting with a High-resolution Regional ModelDong-Hyun Cha; Park, JinyoungDoctoral thesis730
2023-02Improvement of Air Quality Forecasts using Aerosol Data Assimilation and Artificial IntelligenceLee, Myong-In; Lee, SeungheeDoctoral thesis934
2023-02Precipitation nowcasting using ground radar data and artificial intelligence over Korean PeninsulaIm, Jungho; Han, DaehyeonDoctoral thesis738
2023-02Experimental studies and thermodynamic analyses of CH4-CO2 replacement in natural gas hydrates and hydrate-based desalinationSeo, Yongwon; Mok, JunghoonDoctoral thesis875
2022-08Improved Monitoring and Nowcasting of Particulate Matter based on Machine Learning through the Synergistic Use of Satellite and Model Products over East AsiaIm, Jungho; Park, SeohuiDoctoral thesis919
2022-08Roles of Land-Atmosphere-Ocean Interactions on Heat Wave Simulation: Impacts of Soil Moisture Initialization and Air-Sea CouplingCha, Dong-Hyun; Yoon, DonghyuckDoctoral thesis976
2022-08Mechanisms and remote impacts of Arctic amplificationKang, Sarah M.; Kim, DoyeonDoctoral thesis872
2022-08Integrated Thermal Analysis for Development and Numerical Model of Concrete containing Phase Change MaterialsOh, jae eun; Song, HaeminDoctoral thesis916
2022-08Towards Better Safety Education in the E-Learning Environment: Review, Exploration, and an AlternativeChung, Ji-Bum; Kim, Byeong JeDoctoral thesis1102
2022-08Artificial intelligence for modeling of surface water resources: Application from streamflow to water qualityCho, Kyung Hwa; Abbas, AtherDoctoral thesis1271
2022-08Causes of the tropical mean climate pattern biases: water vapor shortwave absorptivity and Southern Ocean albedoKang, Sarah M.; Kim, HanjunDoctoral thesis1068
2022-08Online Art System with Affect for a Spontaneous Appreciation and its Interconnected CommunicationCho, Jaeweon; Kim, Hye JungDoctoral thesis1011