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2022-08Improved Monitoring and Nowcasting of Particulate Matter based on Machine Learning through the Synergistic Use of Satellite and Model Products over East AsiaIm, Jungho; Park, SeohuiDoctoral thesis100
2022-08Roles of Land-Atmosphere-Ocean Interactions on Heat Wave Simulation: Impacts of Soil Moisture Initialization and Air-Sea CouplingCha, Dong-Hyun; Yoon, DonghyuckDoctoral thesis126
2022-08Mechanisms and remote impacts of Arctic amplificationKang, Sarah M.; Kim, DoyeonDoctoral thesis93
2022-08Integrated Thermal Analysis for Development and Numerical Model of Concrete containing Phase Change MaterialsOh, jae eun; Song, HaeminDoctoral thesis107
2022-08Towards Better Safety Education in the E-Learning Environment: Review, Exploration, and an AlternativeChung, Ji-Bum; Kim, Byeong JeDoctoral thesis166
2022-08Artificial intelligence for modeling of surface water resources: Application from streamflow to water qualityCho, Kyung Hwa; Abbas, AtherDoctoral thesis162
2022-08Causes of the tropical mean climate pattern biases: water vapor shortwave absorptivity and Southern Ocean albedoKang, Sarah M.; Kim, HanjunDoctoral thesis135
2022-08Online Art System with Affect for a Spontaneous Appreciation and its Interconnected CommunicationCho, Jaeweon; Kim, Hye JungDoctoral thesis141
2022-02Nutrient removal and biomass production from anaerobic digestion effluent with microalgae derived from anaerobic digestateLee, Changsoo; Yu, HyeonjungDoctoral thesis386
2022-02Atmospheric chlorinated and brominated polycyclic aromatic hydrocarbons (ClPAHs and BrPAHs) in a multi-industrial city of South KoreaChoi, Sung-Deuk; Vuong, Quang TranDoctoral thesis294
2022-02Machine Learning-Based Seismic Assessment of Steel Moment FramesShin, Myoungsu; Nguyen, Dac HoangDoctoral thesis273
2022-02Urban climate characterization and heat risk assessment based on machine learning and remote sensing dataIm, Jungho; Yoo, CheolheeDoctoral thesis267
2022-02Development of novel anaerobic electrochemical dynamic membrane bioreactor (AnEDMBR) : Biofouling control and system improvementLee, Changsoo; Choi, GyucheolDoctoral thesis386
2022-02Expanding Experience into Interpersonal and Intrapersonal Communications through Creative Activity and Collective AppreciationCho, Jaeweon; Heo, HuijinDoctoral thesis378
2022-02Extratropics-to-tropics teleconnection and its consequence to global climateKang, Sarah M; Shin, YechulDoctoral thesis327
2022-02Measuring Public Life Through Digital Technologies: Investigating the Use of WiFi Sensing for Enhancing Public SpaceKim, Jeongseob; Park, JuhyeonDoctoral thesis339
2022-02Impact of Pacific Decadal Oscillation and Pacific Japan pattern on the poleward migration of tropical cyclones in the western North PacificCha, Dong-Hyun; Lee, MinkyuDoctoral thesis233
2022-02Monitoring ocean-atmosphere interactions: dissolved organic matter (DOM), bacteria, and antibiotic-resistant genes (ARGs) in the Pacific and Southern OceansCho, Kyung Hwa; Jang, JiyiDoctoral thesis392
2021-08Thermodynamic and Physico-Chemical Analyses of Complex Gas Hydrate Systems Containing Large Molecule Guest Substances for Applications to Gas Storage and SeparationSeo, Yongwon; Lee, JoonseopDoctoral thesis444
2021-08Exploring key facilitators of bike-share and its impact on the urban transportation system: A case study of Seoul, South KoreaCho, Gi-Hyoug; Kim, MinjunDoctoral thesis442