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2019-02Ab initio study of spin-phonon dynamics and band topology through the real-time time-dependent density functional theoryPark, Noejung; Shin, DongbinDoctoral thesis110
2019-02Stepwise Synthetic Approach for MOFs with Site Specific Heterolinkers and Hollow MOF SuperstructureLah, Myoung Soo; Kim, HyehyunDoctoral thesis72
2019-02Solution Self-Assembly of Block Copolymers into Inverse Bicontinuous Cubic Mesophases and Their ApplicationsRyu, Ja-Hyoung; Cho, ArahDoctoral thesis118
2019-02Solution-Processed Oxide and Sulfide Semiconductors for Thin-Film ElectronicsKim, Jin Young; Heo, JungwooDoctoral thesis87
2019-02Organelle Localization Induced Self Organelle Localization Induced Self-Assembly of peptide amphiphiles: A novel stratogy for therapeuticsRyu, Ja Hyoung; M.T, Jeena, et alDoctoral thesis46
2019-02New Perspective of Metal-Organic Frameworks for Advanced Molecular Separation and Sensing new perspectiveMoon, Hoi Ri; Kim, Jin YeongDoctoral thesis51
2019-02Metal-Organic Materials for Emerging FunctionsChoe, Wonyoung; Lee, JiyoungDoctoral thesis50
2019-02First-Principles Calculations of Energy MaterialsKim, Kwang S.; Myung, Chang WooDoctoral thesis49
2019-02Exploring the Macromolecular Frontier: Determining Stereochemical Effects in Strained Poly(alkenamer)s and Utilizing Auger Electron Spectroscopy to Evaluate Synthetic PolymersBielawski, Christopher W.; Lee, Stanfield YoungwonDoctoral thesis53
2019-02Emergence of Cooperation on Complex NetworksGhim, Cheol-Min; Yang, HyunmoDoctoral thesis69
2019-02Direct Identification of local proteome in live cells by proximity labelingKee Jung-Min; Lee, Song-YiDoctoral thesis60
2019-02Controlling Morphologies of Self-Assembled Structures of Block Copolymers by Molecular Designs and External StimuliRyu, Ja-Hyoung; Jeong, Moon GonDoctoral thesis68
2019-02Carrier Transport of Graphene Quantum Device and its Application for Ferroelectric MemoryPark, Kibog; Jung, SungchulDoctoral thesis52
2019-02A population-based optimization method using Newton fractalKim, Pilwon; Jeong, SoyeongDoctoral thesis75
2018-08New Functional Nanomaterials for Energy-related ApplicationKim, Kwang S.; Yoon, TaeseungDoctoral thesis115
2018-02A Mathematical Measurement For Korean Text Mining and Its ApplicationJang, Bongsoo; Kim, KyunghoonDoctoral thesis318
2018-02Structure–Activity Relationship in Non-Precious Metal Catalysts for the Hydrogen Evolution ReactionJoo, Sang Hoon; Seo, BoraDoctoral thesis364
2018-02Solution Self-Assembly of Dendritic-Linear Block Copolymers into Inverse Bicontinuous Cubic PhasesRyu, Ja-Hyoung; La, YunjuDoctoral thesis198
2018-02Non-Precious Metal Catalysts Based on Carbon Nanomaterials for Oxygen and Hydrogen ElectrocatalysisJoo, Sang Hoon; Sa, Young JinDoctoral thesis505
2018-02Crystal Engineering of Metal-organic Frameworks Based on 1,3,5-Benzenetribenzoate as a 3-c Node and CO2 Behavior in Microporous 1-D ChannelLah, Myoung Soo; Kim, DongwookDoctoral thesis268