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2023-08Laser Plasma Study through Simulation and TheoryHur, Min Sup; Song, Hyung SeonDoctoral thesis48
2023-08Ab initio study of the bulk photovoltaic effect through perturbation theory and real-time dynamicsPark, Noejung; Kim, BumseopDoctoral thesis86
2023-02Dipolar effect in Janus colloidal crystal and membrane encapsulating dense bacteriaGranick, Steve; Park, MyeonggonDoctoral thesis509
2023-02Design and Experiment of a 300 GHz Traveling-Wave Tube Based on an Elliptical Electron BeamChoi, EunMi; Choi, WonjinDoctoral thesis476
2023-02Studies on diagnostic systems dedicated to coupled dynamics of charged particle beamsChung, Moses; Sung, Chang-KyuDoctoral thesis517
2023-02Theoretical and Experimental Study of Hydrodynamic Pair Interactions in Sheet FlowPak, Hyuk Kyu; Saeed, ImranDoctoral thesis543
2023-02Theoretical and simulation studies of collective phenomena in beam-driven plasma wakefield acceleratorsChung, Moses; Moon, Kook-JinDoctoral thesis599
2023-02Production of Highly Charged Ions using Electron Beam Ion Source Charge Breeder for RAON Accelerator FacilityChung, Moses; Yoo, KyounghunDoctoral thesis538
2023-02Electrical Dipole Formation at Metal/Graphene Interface and Its Application for Junctionless CMOS CircuitryPark, Kibog; Song, WonhoDoctoral thesis502
2022-08Study on matter-wave optics under grazing incidence condition with solid surfacesZhao, Bum Suk; Kim, Lee YeongDoctoral thesis732
2022-08Modeling studies of power dissipation in the KSTAR upgrade tokamak and of terahertz radiation emission from an embedded plasma dipole oscillationHur, Min Sup; Kwon, Kyu BeenDoctoral thesis650
2022-08Effect of divertor structural modification and need of optimization studies for fusion power generationHur, Min Sup; Ra, OokJooDoctoral thesis651
2022-08Multifunctional longitudinal beam manipulation based on double emittance exchangeChung, Moses; Seok, JiminDoctoral thesis745
2022-08Particle Acceleration at Shocks in Galaxy ClustersRyu, Dongsu; Ha, Ji-HoonDoctoral thesis697
2022-08Structural Study on Intermediate States of Carbonic Anhydrase using X-ray CrystallographyKim, Chae Un; Kim, Jin KyunDoctoral thesis807
2022-08Charged particle beam dynamics of space-charge driven resonances and their mitigation in high-intensity linear acceleratorsChung, Moses; Cheon, Yoo-LimDoctoral thesis699
2022-02Nonlinear electromagnetic responses of insulators: real-time dynamics and perturbation theoriesPark, Noejung; Okyay, Mahmut SaitDoctoral thesis901
2022-02X-ray and Neutron Imaging of Soft Matter with the Curved InterfaceJeong, Joonwoo; Im, Jae KwanDoctoral thesis924
2021-08First-Principles Calculations for Efficient and Stable Lead Halide Perovskites: Theoretical Mechanisms of Interfaces and DopantsKim, Kwang Soo; Kim, JunuDoctoral thesis947
2021-08Electron Beam Manipulations for the Beam-Driven Plasma Wakefield AcceleratorsChung, Moses; Kim, Seong-YeolDoctoral thesis1167