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2022-08Study on matter-wave optics under grazing incidence condition with solid surfacesZhao, Bum Suk; Kim, Lee YeongDoctoral thesis126
2022-08Modeling studies of power dissipation in the KSTAR upgrade tokamak and of terahertz radiation emission from an embedded plasma dipole oscillationHur, Min Sup; Kwon, Kyu BeenDoctoral thesis98
2022-08Effect of divertor structural modification and need of optimization studies for fusion power generationHur, Min Sup; Ra, OokJooDoctoral thesis91
2022-08Multifunctional longitudinal beam manipulation based on double emittance exchangeChung, Moses; Seok, JiminDoctoral thesis101
2022-08Particle Acceleration at Shocks in Galaxy ClustersRyu, Dongsu; Ha, Ji-HoonDoctoral thesis93
2022-08Structural Study on Intermediate States of Carbonic Anhydrase using X-ray CrystallographyKim, Chae Un; Kim, Jin KyunDoctoral thesis130
2022-08Charged particle beam dynamics of space-charge driven resonances and their mitigation in high-intensity linear acceleratorsChung, Moses; Cheon, Yoo-LimDoctoral thesis97
2022-02Nonlinear electromagnetic responses of insulators: real-time dynamics and perturbation theoriesPark, Noejung; Okyay, Mahmut SaitDoctoral thesis307
2022-02X-ray and Neutron Imaging of Soft Matter with the Curved InterfaceJeong, Joonwoo; Im, Jae KwanDoctoral thesis300
2021-08First-Principles Calculations for Efficient and Stable Lead Halide Perovskites: Theoretical Mechanisms of Interfaces and DopantsKim, Kwang Soo; Kim, JunuDoctoral thesis406
2021-08Electron Beam Manipulations for the Beam-Driven Plasma Wakefield AcceleratorsChung, Moses; Kim, Seong-YeolDoctoral thesis465
2021-02Study of lyotropic chromonic liquid crystals with additives, shear, and dryingJeong, Joonwoo; Eun, Jong HeeDoctoral thesis455
2021-02Collective Scattering System for high-k turbulence measurement in KSTARPark, Hyeon Keo; Lee, Dong JaeDoctoral thesis553
2021-02Non-equilibrium stochastic thermodynamics of Brownian particle in an active bathPak, Hyuk Kyu; Park, Jin TaeDoctoral thesis587
2021-02Order-to-disorder Transition of Block Copolymers in Thin FilmKim, Jaeup; Yong, DaeseongDoctoral thesis476
2020-08Local structural signature of cooperative dynamics in glassy liquid systemKim, Jaeup; Lee, Hyun TaekDoctoral thesis629
2020-08Structural and electrical investigation of one-dimensional, two-dimensional, and hybrid nanostructuresPark, Kibog; Jang, Jeong-SuDoctoral thesis540
2020-02Galactic Chemical Evolution: Estimating the Fuel Supply Rate on the Galactic Disk from High-velocity Cloud (HVC) InfallKwak, Kyujin; Sung, Kwang HyunDoctoral thesis695
2020-02Overcoming Thermodynamic Limit of Subthreshold Swing in MOSFET: Device Structure and Unconventional Source MetalPark, Kibog; Lee, Jung-YongDoctoral thesis748
2020-02Ballistic Carrier Transport Through Graphene: Out-of-Plane and In-Plane AspectsPark, Kibog; Yoon, Hoon HahnDoctoral thesis633