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2018-02Small Molecules as Chemical Tools for Regulation of Metal-Amyloid-β AggregationLim. Mi Hee; Ji, YonghwanMaster's thesis206
2018-02Synthesis of pH-Responsive Polyethers and Their Self-AssemblyKim, Byeong-Su; Song, JaeeunMaster's thesis262
2018-02Synthesis of Polyamines Based on Novel Epoxide MonomerKim, Byeong-Su; Kweon, SongaMaster's thesis234
2018-02TEM Investigation of Single-Molecular Dynamics and Molecular Packing Structure of Fullerenes on GrapheneKim, Kwanpyo; Choe, JeongheonMaster's thesis256
2018-02Development of Novel Chemical Tools towards Single or Multiple Pathogenic Elements in Alzheimer’s DiseaseLim, Mi Hee; Han, JiyeonMaster's thesis226
2018-02Development of a Simulation Code for High-Power CyclotronsChung, Moses; Choi, Chul UnMaster's thesis271
2018-02Molecular Engineering for Enhancement of Thermal/Light/Water Stability of Organic Dyes for Dye-Sensitized Solar CellsKwon, Tae-Hyuk; Kim, Un-YoungMaster's thesis242
2018-02MPI Parallelization and Cylindrical-coordinate Wave Analysis for High-order MHD CodeRyu, Dongsu; Ha, SeungwooMaster's thesis221
2018-02Rational Assembly of Organic / Inorganic Hybrid Photoanode for Solar Water OxidationKim, Byeong-Su; Choi, YeongkyuMaster's thesis250
2017-08Zirconium-based Metal-Organic Polyhedra and rht-net Metal-Organic FrameworksChoe, Wonyoung; Kang, EunyoungMaster's thesis391
2017-08DEVELOPMENT OF A RESEARCH TOOL FOR PHOSPHOHISTIDINEKee, Jung-Min; Kwon, OhyeonMaster's thesis210
2017-08Theoretical Review of m/n=1/1 Sawtooth Instability and Comparison with Experimental Observations in KSTARPark, Hyeon-Keo; Lee, SoominMaster's thesis543
2017-08Synthesis of Heterostructure Materials Using Coordination Polymers and Metal-Organic FrameworksMoon, Hoi Ri; Moon, ByoungnamMaster's thesis271
2017-08Beam Diagnostics Using a Vibrating Wire MonitorChung, Moses; Choe, Dong-NyungMaster's thesis332
2017-08Electrical investigation of black phosphorus and other low-dimensional materialsKim, Kwanpyo; Yoon, Jun-YeongMaster's thesis237
2017-08Synthesis of Copper Sulfide and Hybrid with Two Dimensional Materials for Hydrogen Evolution ReactionShin, Hyeon Suk; Park, Young JinMaster's thesis617
2017-08Study of hydrogen-bonding energetics and dynamics of biological water using ultrafast electronic spectroscopyKwon, Oh-Hoon; Kim, Young JaeMaster's thesis341
2017-08Synthesis of N-doped Carbon Materials with Controlled Pore Sizes from Double-Network HydrogelsBielawski, Christopher W.; Hwang, SuhyeonMaster's thesis316
2017-02Mitochondria targeting peptides for highly efficient cancer therapyRyu, Ja-Hyoung; Park, Jae-HyeongMaster's thesis459
2017-02Studies on α-Nucleophiles for Efficient Protein LabelingKee, Jung-Min; Ma, WenjieMaster's thesis398
Showing results 61 to 80 of 123