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2020-02An algorithm for the three-square theoremCho, Jaehyun; Joo, Jeong EunMaster's thesis38
2020-02Deformation of lyotropic chromonic liquid crystal induced by cylindrical surfaceJeong, Joonwoo; Kang, HyewonMaster's thesis38
2020-02Numerical and Theoretical Studies of Radiation from Plasma Dipole and its ApplicationsHur, Min Sup; Kylychbekov, SalizhanMaster's thesis29
2020-02Portfolio optimization with KOSPI200 and House price indexChoi, Jin Hyuk; Cho, MinkyMaster's thesis36
2020-02Epidemiological Prediction using Deep LearningLee, Chang Hyeong; Heo, JaewoongMaster's thesis85
2020-02Effects of Sphingosine and Acetylsphingosines towards Metal-free and Metal-induced Amyloid-ß AggregationPark, Young S.; Park, NahyeMaster's thesis34
2020-02Design of intracellular reaction for selective targeted cancer therapy and monitoring mitophagyRyu, Ja-Hyoung; Kim, JuheeMaster's thesis36
2020-02Synthesis and Structural Characterization of Fluorinated Metal-Organic Polyhedra and Mixed Zeolitic Imidazolate FrameworksChoe, Wonyoung; Jeong, HyeinMaster's thesis41
2020-02Synthesis and Reactivity of Xantphos Complexes of Nickel for the Nickel-Catalyzed Azide–Alkyne CycloadditionRohde, Jan-Uwe; Kim, JaegwanMaster's thesis36
2020-02Visible light photocatalysis alkene-alkyne [2+2] cycloaddition by energy transferPark, Cheol-Min; Lee, YejiMaster's thesis86
2020-02Synthesis of Polycyclic Heteroaromatics Doped with Nitrogen and PhosphorusPark, Young S.; Kim, So JungMaster's thesis46
2020-02Synthesis of Azetidines based on Visible-light Photocatalytic [2+2] Aza Cycloaddition Between Alkenes and IminesPark, Cheol-Min; Kim, Min-JuMaster's thesis41
2020-02Transition Metal Based Nanomaterials for Hydrogen and Oxygen Involving Energy Conversion ReactionsKim, Kwang Soo; Sultan, SirajMaster's thesis68
2019-08STUDY OF THE MANIPULATION AND MECHANICS OF GRAPHENERuoff, Rodney Scott; Oh, SangjunMaster's thesis353
2019-08Systematical Post-Synthetic Approaches to Tailoring the Structure of Metal-Organic FrameworksMoon, Hoi Ri; Park, SungbinMaster's thesis110
2019-08Tailorable Degradation of pH-Responsive Micelles for Drug Delivery SystemKwon, Tae-Hyuk; Hwang, EunbyulMaster's thesis142
2019-08The synthesis of BN-doped naphthalene derivatives with four different substituentsPark, Young S.; Kwon, HansolMaster's thesis134
2019-08Visible-Light-Induced [2+2] cycloaddition of alkyne with alkenePark, Cheol Min; Kwak, YoonnaMaster's thesis228
2019-08DFT Studies on Van der Waals Multiferroicity and Perovskite Solar CellLee, Geunsik; KIM, EUN MIMaster's thesis309