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2022-08An Augmented Reality(AR) based Operating System with a Haptic Glove for Intuitive and  Convenient Robot Arm ProgrammingBae, Joonbum; Lee, SangyeopMaster's thesis10
2022-08Self-locking Pneumatic Modular Actuators using Origami Shape Morphing SheetsBae, Joonbum; Kim, JuriMaster's thesis12
2022-08Finite Element Analysis of Short Fiber-reinforced Composite using Realistic Microstructure Obtained through Synchrotron Radiation Computed TomographyJi, Wooseok; Kim, GyeongchanMaster's thesis10
2022-08Mechanical Performances of Sandwich Panels Fabricated through Rapid Manufacturing Processes: Experimental and Numerical StudiesJi, Wooseok; Shin, DongwooMaster's thesis11
2022-08Effects of plasma on the stabilization and emission characteristics of turbulent premixed flames of CH4/air and NH3/airSang, Yoo Chun; Kim, Gyeong TaekMaster's thesis10
2022-08Geometric Gait Analysis of Corkscrew Swimmers at Low Reynolds RegimeBae, Joonbum; Maeng, JiyeonMaster's thesis11
2022-08Agent-based Modeling and Simulation for Digital Twin of Extended Additive Manufacturing System Incorporating HumansKim, Namhun; Park, SoohyungMaster's thesis10
2022-08Secure State Estimation for Cyber Physical System with Application to GPS Spoofing AttackKwon, Cheolhyeon; Kim, HyeongjunMaster's thesis33
2022-08Low frequency vibration shielding with optimized metamaterial designOh, Joo Hwan; Kang, Seong BoMaster's thesis31
2022-02Deep learning approach to predict crystalline phase of femtosecond laser processed silicon waferKi, Hyungson; Kim, Hyun KyungMaster's thesis204
2022-02A Direct Ink Writing Based Fabric-Embedded Soft Sensor for Improved Durability and SewabilityBae, Joonbum; Oh, JihyeMaster's thesis199
2022-02Lifetime Prediction of Silicone-based Soft Sensors Under Cyclic StrainBae, Joonbum; Kim, KyeongtaekMaster's thesis192
2022-02STPA-ML Integrated Fault Injection Test for Autonomous Driving VehicleKwon, Cheolhyeon; Park, HyungchulMaster's thesis239
2022-02Online Adaptation of Control Parameters with Safe Exploration by Control Barrier FunctionSon, Hungsun; Kim, SuyeongMaster's thesis217
2022-02Convective performance investigation of electronics cooling system using Thermally reduced graphene oxide (TRGO)-H2O nanofluidKim, Gun-Ho; Kim, Dae-wookMaster's thesis198
2022-02A numerical study of the ignition characteristics of nonpremixed methane/hydrogen versus air mixture within a rolled-up vortexYoo, Chun Sang; Shim, JaewonMaster's thesis177
2022-02Prediction of the SEM images of laser induced periodic surface structures using deep learningKi, Hyungson; Na, HojunMaster's thesis226
2022-02Experimental Investigations for Enhancing Electrical Output of two-phase flow Triboelectric GeneratorLee, Jaeseon; Hyungwoo SohnMaster's thesis181
2022-02Effect of AC electric field on flame spreading over Cu wire and effect of insulation thicknessYoo, Chun Sang; Kang, Min SeongMaster's thesis238
2022-02Heterogeneous Mission Planning of UAVs with Attention-Based Deep Reinforcement LearningOh, Hyondong; Jung, MinjaeMaster's thesis284