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2021-02Development of Multifunctional Polymer-based Hydrogel with Controllable Physicochemical Properties for Biomedical EngineeringCha, Chaenyung; Kim, MiraeDoctoral thesis30
2021-02Enhancement of Practical Energy Product by Mircostructure ModelingLee, Ki-Suk; Kim, NamkyuDoctoral thesis17
2021-02Deep Learning Meets Atomic-Resolution Transmission Electron Microscopy: Study on Atomic-Scale Behaviors of Two-Dimensional MaterialsLee, Zonghoon; Lee, JongyeongDoctoral thesis12
2021-02Simulation of solid-state sintering of particles using Monte Carlo Potts modelLee, Sukbin; Son, YoungkyunDoctoral thesis12
2021-02Mechanism for the Electromechanical Properties of Relaxor-PbTiO3 Piezoelectric Single CrystalsJo, Wook; Kim, Hwang-PillDoctoral thesis35
2021-02Interfacial Engineering for Efficient and Aesthetic Perovskite Solar CellsSong, Myoung Hoon; Jung, Eui DaeDoctoral thesis10
2021-02Surface Engineering of All-Inorganic Nanocrystals for Electronic and 3D Printing ApplicationsSon, Jae Sung; Ban, Hyeong WooDoctoral thesis12
2021-02Investigation on Formation of Metals and Metal Oxides on Two-Dimensional Carbon MaterialsLee, Zonghoon; Son, SeungwooDoctoral thesis25
2021-02Study on Lossless Perovskite/Silicon Tandem Solar CellsChoi, Kyoung-Jin; Kim, Chan UlDoctoral thesis28
2021-02Control of 3D Magnetic Vortex in Soft Ferromagnetic Rectangular DisksLee, Ki-Suk; Lee, SooseokDoctoral thesis11
2020-08Spin thermoelectric energy conversion based-on hybrid magnetic insulatorYoo, Jung-Woo; Oh, InseonDoctoral thesis113
2020-08Flexibility enhancement of flexible solar cell devices by nano-mechanical analysis of the constituent materialsKim, Ju-Young; Woo, Jeong-HyunDoctoral thesis120
2020-08Theoretical study on the formation mechanism of nano-carbon materials: From fullerene, carbon nanotube, to grapheneDing, Feng; Qiu, LuDoctoral thesis68
2020-08Developments of active-matrix, air-dielectric transistor arrays as pressure sensors and their applications for biomedical interfacesSong, Myoung Hoon; Jang, JiukDoctoral thesis59
2020-08Synthesis of soluble chalcogens and metal chalcogenides for thermoelectric and electronic applicationsSon, Jae Sung; Jo, SeungkiDoctoral thesis60
2020-08Liquid metal-based electronic packaging technologies for highly integrated soft electronicsSong, Myoung Hoon; Park, Young-GeunDoctoral thesis69
2020-08Development of nanoporous gold films for electrochemical applicationsShin, Hyung-Joon; Lee, Keon-UDoctoral thesis95
2020-08Kinetics of charge transfer and oxygen evolution via surface functionalization at the transition metal based catalystsChoi, Kyoung Jin; Lee, Tae WonDoctoral thesis152
2020-08A study on intrinsic graphene defects of different origins in CVD-grown grapheneKwon, Soon-Yong; Jo, YongsuDoctoral thesis115