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2023-08Growth Mechanism Study of Carbon and Low-Dimensional Nanomaterials using Transmission Electron MicroscopyLee, Zonghoon; Choe, MyeonggiDoctoral thesis238
2023-08Controllable Growth of 2D Materials with Adjustable Intrinsic Properties toward High-Performance Functional DevicesPark, Hyesung; Seo, JihyungDoctoral thesis255
2023-08Control of Proton Tunneling in Interfacial Water Network with Cooperative MotionShin, Hyung-Joon; Kim, YohanDoctoral thesis243
2023-08Study on Highly Efficient Organic and Perovskite Solar Cells with Operational StabilityPark, Hyesung; Koo, DonghwanDoctoral thesis230
2023-08Advanced Analysis for Relaxor-PbTiO3 Single CrystalsJo, Wook; Lee, Geon-JuDoctoral thesis230
2023-08The highly reliable dielectric ceramic materialsJo, Wook; Lee, Ju-HyeonDoctoral thesis250
2023-08Fabrication of Lead Iron Niobate Thin Films Focusing on Sol-Gel MethodJo, Wook; Lee, Young-JinDoctoral thesis357
2023-02Geometrical designs and 3D printing of Cu2Se-based thermoelectric materials and devicesSon, Jae Sung; Choo, SeungjunDoctoral thesis788
2023-02Solution-Processed Fabrication of SnSe and SnSe2 Thermoelectric Thin FilmsSon, Jae Sung; Heo, Seung HwaeDoctoral thesis847
2023-02Development of high-strength nanoporous Cu via dealloying of intermetallic compound precursorPark, Sung Soo; Lee, Si-YoungDoctoral thesis720
2023-02Sustainable highly charged materials and the application to triboelectric sensorsChoi, Kyoung Jin; Han, Gi HyeonDoctoral thesis784
2023-02Transfer Printing of Organic/Inorganic Semiconductor Layers for Wearable Optoelectronic DevicesChoi, Moon Kee; Yang, U JeongDoctoral thesis774
2023-02Magnetic Actuators with Multifunctionality and Structural ProgrammabilityKim, Jiyun; Lee, HajunDoctoral thesis853
2023-02Study on Atomistic Gas-Surface Reaction Mechanism of Two-Dimensional Transition Metal DichalcogenidesLee, Zonghoon; Yoon, AramDoctoral thesis714
2023-02Study on Investigating Structural Evolution of Polymer-CNT Composite Fiber According to the Manufacturing ProcessChae, Han Gi; Heo, So JeongDoctoral thesis743
2023-02Nano-optical study of exciton-photon coupling in optical nanostructuresJun, Young Chul; Woo, Byung HoonDoctoral thesis759
2023-02A study on the microstructure characterization of polycrystalline materials using the EBSD measurementLee, Sukbin; Kim, Min-JiDoctoral thesis927
2023-02Interface and additive engineering for high-performance organic and perovskite solar cellsPark, Hyesung; Jung, SeungonDoctoral thesis783
2023-02Design Strategy for Highly Efficient Purely Organic Photoredox CatalysisJo, Wook; Kwon, YonghwanDoctoral thesis998
2023-02Synthesis and Self-Organization of Charged NanocrystalsSon, Jae Sung; Gu, Da HwiDoctoral thesis1027