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2022-02Analysis and control of motion patterns and assembly in non-equilibrium systemsGrzybowski, Bartosz A.; Polev, KonstantinDoctoral thesis80
2022-02Selected Problems in Biological Control Strategies for Cellular ProteostasisGhim, Cheol-Min; Jang, JuneilDoctoral thesis78
2022-02Adaptive random motility of dendritic cellsCho, Yoon-Kyoung; Choi, YongjunDoctoral thesis75
2022-02Monitoring the Molecular Adsorption on Carbon Nanotubes for the Removal of Toxic ChemicalsLee, Chang Young; Moon, Seung MinDoctoral thesis93
2022-02Diseaseomics : omics approach to discover biomarkers of diseasesBhak, Jong; Jeon, YeonsuDoctoral thesis72
2022-02Development of an Algorithm for Predicting Knee Flexion Range from Plantar Pressure Assessment during GaitShin, Gwanseob; Choi, SeobinDoctoral thesis89
2022-02Investigation of diffusion and perfusion changes in ischemic stroke brain using diffusion MRICho, HyungJoon; Jang, MinJungDoctoral thesis90
2022-02Tuning physico-mechanical properties of 3D hydrogel using multifunctional biopolymersCha, Chaenyung; Lee, KangseokDoctoral thesis69
2022-02Value-based decision making by precise value representation and efficient information acquisitionKim, Sung-Phil; Lee, SeungjiDoctoral thesis104
2022-02Metabolic engineering of Escherichia coli for production of polyhydroxyalkanoates and 4-hydroxyvalerate from levulinic acid이성국; Kim, DoyunDoctoral thesis71
2021-08Development of liver decellularized extracellular matrix based bio-ink for hepatic tissue engineeringKang, Hyun-Wook; Kim, Min KyeongDoctoral thesis309
2021-08Color Appearance and Discomfort Luminance Level of Head-Mounted Displays (HMDs)Kwak, Youngshin; Ha, HyeyoungDoctoral thesis168
2021-08Korean Genome AnalysisBhak, Jong; Jeon, SungwonDoctoral thesis238
2021-08Multi-Color Iron MR Imaging: New development and clinical applicationCho, HyungJoon; Lee, HansolDoctoral thesis185
2021-08Dual contrast MRI for investigation of cerebrovascular alterations after ischemic strokeCho, HyungJoon; Kang, MungSooDoctoral thesis149
2021-02Neuromarketing on brand extension evaluation: from neural data analyses to deep learning-based applicationsKim, Sung-Phil; Yang, TaeyangDoctoral thesis226
2021-02Structural and functional dynamics of chromatin by live-cell genome imagingKim, Hajin; Chaudhary, NarendraDoctoral thesis156
2021-02Assessment of cerebrovascular permeability by using dynamic susceptibility contrast MRICho, HyungJoon; Jin, SeokhaDoctoral thesis196
2021-02Designing Intra-Hand Input for Wearable DevicesOakley, Ian; Lee, DoYoungDoctoral thesis433
2021-02Kinematics-Dependent Neural Representations from Primary Motor Cortical Neural Population Activity for Motor DecodingKim, Sung-Phil; Kim, Min-KiDoctoral thesis158