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2019-02Characterization of E. coli E38’s Persistence to Bacterial PredationMitchell, Robert J.; Cho, GaYoungMaster's thesis82
2019-02Study on the molecular mechanism underlying homologous recombination in the presence of protein obstaclesLee, Jayil; Kim, AyoungMaster's thesis75
2019-02Long non-coding RNA SENCR contributes to direct conversion of fibroblast into endothelial cell by recruiting PSPC1Kim, Jeong Beom; Son, Ji-HoonMaster's thesis67
2019-02Improved continuous magnetic separation assisted with advection flows in microfluidic channelsKang, Joo Hun; Jung, Su HyunMaster's thesis58
2019-02Fabrication of biomimetic neural networks using 3D-bioprintingKang, Hyun-Wook; Noh, Su JinMaster's thesis53
2019-02Dynamic Transition of Mitochondrial Transcription from Initiation to Elongation Phase at Single Molecular LevelKim, Hajin; Sohn, Byeong-KwonMaster's thesis69
2018-08Construction and Improvement of 2,4-Dinitrotoluene-Inducible biosensor in Escherichia coliLee, Sungkuk; Rho, Hyun-JiMaster's thesis123
2018-08Surviving Bacterial Predation: A Comparative Study Between Predation Persistence and Antibiotic PersistenceMitchell, Robert J.; Kwon, Ji-SooMaster's thesis97
2018-08Engineering of Escherichia coli for the Production of Azelaic Acid from Nonanoic AcidLee, Sung Kuk; Kwak, GeunhwaMaster's thesis117
2018-08Directional control of angiogenesis to produce a designed multiscale micro-vascular network with bioprintingKang, Hyun-Wook; Hong, Sung JoonMaster's thesis107
2018-02An engineered E. coli with EDP enhancement, PPP cyclization and FadR overexpression to increase medium chain fatty acid synthesisLee, Sung Kuk; Kim, Chang-HeeMaster's thesis285
2018-02Time-Implicit Mutant Population Dynamics: Luria-Delbrück Fluctuation Test RevisitedGhim, Cheol-Min; Kim, SoohyunMaster's thesis242
2018-02Threonine Enhances Sleep Drive via a GABAergic Pathway in DrosophilaLim, Chunghun; Ki, YoonheeMaster's thesis323
2018-02The novel E3 ligase of PPARγ TRIM25 regulates adipocyte differentiationChoi, Jang Hyun; Lee, Jae MinMaster's thesis218
2018-02The effect of Osmolality on the predatory abilities of Bdellovibrio bacteriovorusMitchell, Robert James; Son, SangmoMaster's thesis213
2018-02Size based platelet isolation on a centrifugal microfluidic deviceCho, Yoon-Kyoung; Ki, Dong YeobMaster's thesis197
2018-02Revealing the Role of Histone Tails in Controlling Nucleosome Assembly and Chromatin CompactionKim, Hajin; Lee, HongsooMaster's thesis250
2018-02Laser Development for Photo Therapy and Cartilage ReshapingBae, Sung Chul; Lee, Sung HoMaster's thesis192
2018-02Identifying Inter-Domain Dynamics of Pin1 With Single Molecule FRETKim, Hajin; Cho, Hye WonMaster's thesis246
2018-02Dynamic monitoring of neuronal activities in brain slice and probe-based optical stimulation of primary cultured neuronJung, Woonggyu; Choi, GeonhoMaster's thesis182