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2023-08Toward Zero-Calibration for Day-to-Day Use of Brain-Compute InterfaceKim, Sung-Phil; Heo, DojinMaster's thesis106
2023-08Ultrasensitive Quantification of Single Extracellular Vesicles in Unprocessed Plasma using Droplet Digital Nanoplasmonic AssayCho, Yoon-Kyung; Jung, NakyungMaster's thesis94
2023-08UniQuE-seq for unbiased detection of viral genome integration in the human genome.Cho, Seung Woo; Kim, JeeheeMaster's thesis144
2023-08Tumor Segmentation on Orthotopic Breast Cancer Model from MR Images using U-Net with Pre-trained ResNet34Cho, Hyungjoon; Jun, YunkyoungMaster's thesis124
2023-08Development and Application of Lifestyle Questionnaire for University Students' Mental WellbeingJung, Dooyoung; Kim, YoungyoonMaster's thesis122
2023-08Quantitative Assessment of FISH and CRISPR-based Chromatin Labeling TechniquesKim, Hajin; Lee, JooyoungMaster's thesis130
2023-02Metal halide-based ligand exchange of Cd-free quantum dots for cell imagingPark, Jongnam; Park, Sung HanMaster's thesis1361
2023-02Resolution Dependency Study of Cerebral Blood Volume and Vessel Size IndexCho, HyungJoon; Gong, YelimMaster's thesis1351
2023-02A Gene-Centric Perspective of Scientific and Technological InnovationsGhim, Cheol-Min; Jung, WoochulMaster's thesis1411
2023-02Characterization of Cul4A-dependent homologous recombination protein proteolysis by UNI418 and its derivativeMyung, Kyungjae; Kong, SukyeongMaster's thesis1367
2023-02Study on the Role of Atad5 in the Brain DevelopmentMyung, Kyungjae; Jang, Ye-wonMaster's thesis1553
2023-02The Repeat Library of Unmapped Scaffolds of The Korean Reference GenomeBhak, Jong Hwa; Yoon, ChanghanMaster's thesis1513
2023-02Structural Changes of Telomere by DNA Damage Studied with CRISPR ImagingKim, Hajin; Nam, KihyeonMaster's thesis1383
2023-02Effect of Display Position During Treadmill ExerciseShin, Gwanseob; Lee, JieonMaster's thesis1431
2022-08Towards Replacing Visual Stimuli with Auditory Stimuli for P300-based Brain-Computer InterfacesKim, Sung-Phil; Choi, Yun-JooMaster's thesis2009
2022-08Assimilation effect on vibrotactile frequency in individuals with autistic traitsKim, Sung-Phil; Jeong, JaehyunMaster's thesis2024
2022-08Development of Music-Imagery Brain-Computer Interface (BCI): Decoding Pitch Imagery from Electroencephalogram and Closed-loop BCI TrainingKim, Sung-Phil; Chung, MiyoungMaster's thesis2207
2022-08A Double Diamond Design Process Framework for Improving Product Usability: A Case Study on Redesigning Cordless Vacuum Cleaner HandleShin, Gwanseob; Kwon, SoonyoungMaster's thesis2395
2022-08Deep-Learning-Based Algorithm for the Removal of Electromagnetic Interference Noise in Photoacoustic Endoscopic Image ProcessingYang, Joon-Mo; Gulenko, OleksandraMaster's thesis2012
2022-02Difference in neural response of defensive behavior by avoidance controllability: role of alpha oscillationsKim, Sung-Phil; Lee, Jong-MinMaster's thesis2313