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1999-10-252,2`,4,6,6`-Pentachlorobiphenyl Induces Apoptosis in Human Promonocytic Cell LineSuh, Pann-Ghill; None; None; None; NoneCONFERENCE52
2007-03-252-D infrared spectra collected with shaped mid-IR pulsesShim, Sang-Hee; Strasfeld, DB; Zanni, MTCONFERENCE38
2009-08-162D IR spectroscopy and isotope labeling defines the pathway of amyloid formation with residue specific resolutionShim, Sang-Hee; Zanni, Martin T.; Raleigh, Daniel P.; Ling, Yun; Strasfeld, David B.CONFERENCE33
2014-11-213-Dimensional Visulaization of Kidney Structure using Optical Coherence TomographyJung, WoonggyuCONFERENCE37
2007-06-20375nm 반도체 UV 레이저를 이용한 미세 입자분사가공 SU-8 마스크의 제작Kang, Hyun-WookCONFERENCE30
2019-06-293D Bio-dot Printing with In Situ Formation of Cell SpheroidsKang, Hyun-WookCONFERENCE45
2019-03-163D Bio-point Printing with in Situ Formation of Cell SpheroidsJeon, Seunggyu; Heo, Jun-Ho; Kang, Hyun-WookCONFERENCE49
2019-03-293D bio-point printing with in situ formation of cell spheroidsJeon, Seunggyu; Heo, Jun-Ho; Kang, Hyun-WookCONFERENCE44
2019-07-123D Bio-Point Printing with In Situ Formation of Cell SpheroidsKang, Hyun-Wook; Jeon, Seunggyu; Heo, Jun-HoCONFERENCE44
2016-10-293D Bioprinted Gradient of Angiogenic Factor for Geometrical Control of AngiogenesisHong, Sung Joon; Bae, Jae Hyun; Kang, Hyun-WookCONFERENCE32
2020-11-203D bioprinting of vascularized tissueKang, Hyun-WookCONFERENCE15
2016-12-163D Bioprinting Technology and Its Applications강현욱CONFERENCE25
2019-01-263D bioprinting의 현재 - 당뇨병 치료 적용강현욱CONFERENCE50
2018-06-023D Hybrid bioprintign technology and its applicationsKang, Hyun-WookCONFERENCE39
2018-02-023D Hybrid Bioprinting and its Application강현욱CONFERENCE27
2019-10-113D Hybrid Bioprinting for Tissue Engineering강현욱CONFERENCE54
2016-09-103D Hybrid Bioprinting Technology and Its ApplicatinosKang, Hyun-WookCONFERENCE39
2018-08-023D Hybrid Bioprinting Technology and Its ApplicationKang, Hyun-WookCONFERENCE23
2018-06-203d hybrid bioprinting technology and its application강현욱CONFERENCE34
2017-10-123D Hybrid Bioprinting Technology and Its ApplicationsKang, Hyun-WookCONFERENCE30
Showing results 1 to 20 of 1636