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2020-08Effective control of physical properties in colloidal systems driven by dispersion structure in polymeric and biological systemsKim, So Youn; Kwon, Na KyungDoctoral thesis45
2020-08Theoretical study on effects of interaction between organic molecules and water on molecular conformation and morphologyKwak, Sang Kyu; Shin, EunhyeDoctoral thesis28
2020-08Development of synthetic strategies for atomically dispersed catalysts and their catalytic properties for the oxygen reduction reactionJoo, Sang Hoon; Kim, Jae HyungDoctoral thesis29
2020-08The structural and rheological study of ring and branched polymers using molecular simulationBaig, chunggi; Yoon, JeonghaDoctoral thesis46
2020-08Rheology of short chain branched ring and entangled linear polymers using molecular dynamics and monte carlo simulationBaig, Chunggi; Roh, Eun JungDoctoral thesis29
2020-08Theoretical study on formation and interface stability of carbon and energy material via multiscale simulationKwak, Sang Kyu; Hwang, Dae YeonDoctoral thesis31
2020-08Theoretical study on oxygen reduction reaction in metal-free carbon nanomaterialsKwak, Sang Kyu; Park, Sung ODoctoral thesis27
2020-08Synthesis of fused aromatic porous organic networks and their applicationsBaek, Jong-Beom; Ahmad, IshfaqDoctoral thesis82
2020-08Design of responsive polymer micro/nanostructures for wearable sensors and actuatorsKo, Hyunhyub; Choe, AyoungDoctoral thesis41
2020-08Tailoring of molecular catalysts for photoelectrochemical and electrochemical water splittingRyu, Jungki; Jeon, DasomDoctoral thesis27
2020-08Direct C–H arylations of arenes with diaryl-λ³-iodanesHong, Sung You; Lee, Jae BinDoctoral thesis44
2020-08Precious metal-based intermetallic nanostructures for electrocatalysisJoo, Sang Hoon; Kim, Ho YoungDoctoral thesis28
2020-08Designing nanostructured anode materials for lithium ion batteriesCho, Jaephil; Sung, JaekyungDoctoral thesis39
2020-08Development of film type solid electrolyte for na ion solid-state battery using oxide ceramic - polymer composite processKim, Youngsik; Lim, Young JunDoctoral thesis37
2020-08Approaches for high-quality transition metal dichalcogenides: Encapsulation with h-BN and direct growth on h-BNShin, Hyeon Suk; Ahn, SeongjoonDoctoral thesis28
2020-08High performance semitransparent organic solar cells: Materials and device designKim, Jin Young; Yeom, Hye RimDoctoral thesis29
2020-08The synthesis & characteristic analysis of li-ion conducting ceramic based composite electrolytes for high voltage solid-state batteriesKim, Youngsik; Kim, Hyun WooDoctoral thesis36
2020-08Material design via co-gas phase synthesis of si anodes for lithium-ion batteriesCho, Jaephil; Park, SeungkyuDoctoral thesis27
2020-08Feasible material design of Si anodes for high-energy and advanced Li-ion batteriesCho, Jaephil; Lee, YoonkwangDoctoral thesis76
2020-08Theoretical reaction mechanistic studies on energetic nanomaterials and Li-CO2 battery via multi-scale molecular simulationKwak, Sang Kyu; Jeon, Woo CheolDoctoral thesis98