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2021-08Microsphere based Soft-lithography for Microstructured Crystalline Silicon Solar CellsSeo, Kwanyong; Kim, NamwooDoctoral thesis42
2021-08Physicochemical Design of Lithiophilic Electrode Architecture for High-capacity Reversibility of Lithium ElectrochemistrySong, Hyun-Kon; Jeon, YujuDoctoral thesis24
2021-08Modification of p-Type Organic Semiconductors for Next-Generation PhotovoltaicsYang, Changduk; Jeong, MingyuDoctoral thesis23
2021-08A Study on Device Engineering-Material Properties Relationships Toward Scalable Organic Solar CellsYang, Changduk; Lee, ByongkyuDoctoral thesis21
2021-08Durability enhancement of Electrocatalysts for Polymer Electrolyte Membrane Fuel Cell and ElectrolyzerLee, Jae Sung; Lee, Min HeeDoctoral thesis18
2021-08Design of Ceria-Based Nanocatalysts to Understand the Role of Interfaces in Heterogeneous CatalysisAn, Kwangjin; Yoon, SinmyungDoctoral thesis23
2021-08Fe–N/C Oxygen Reduction Reaction Catalysts with Controlled Structures for Understanding Catalyst Structure–Activity RelationshipJoo, Sang Hoon; Woo, JinwooDoctoral thesis17
2021-08Designing High Energy Cathode Materials for All-Solid-State Lithium BatteriesCho, Jaephil; Lee, HyomyoungDoctoral thesis19
2021-08Material Design of Si Alloy Anodes for High-performance BatteriesCho, Jaephil; Lee, TaeyongDoctoral thesis18
2021-08Customized design of crystalline silicon photovoltaic module based on all-back-contact structureSeo, Kwanyong; Park, JeonghwanDoctoral thesis36
2021-08Interfacial structure and dynamics of biopolymers and nanomaterialsBaig Chunggi; Kang, UkjungDoctoral thesis24
2021-08Fundamental understanding on catalytic behavior of single-atom catalysts supported on CeO2Kwak, Ja Hun; Kim, YongseonDoctoral thesis18
2021-08Chain structure and dynamics of linear and ring polymer melts in two-dimensional system using molecular dynamics simulationsBaig, Chunggi; Kim, JinseongDoctoral thesis22
2021-08Ordered Mesoporous Metal Carbide-Derived Electrocatalysts for the Alkaline Hydrogen Evolution ReactionJoo, Sang Hoon; Baek, Du SanDoctoral thesis15
2021-08Multiscale simulation study of the influence of molecular architecture on polymer structure and rheology under flowBaig, Chunggi; Jeong, Seung HeumDoctoral thesis31
2021-08Compositional and additive design for efficient and stable perovskite solar cellsSeok, Sang Il; Min, HanulDoctoral thesis70
2021-08Design of Multifunctional Electrode-customized Separator Membrane for Lithium Metal BatteriesLee, Hyun-Wook; Lee, Yong-HyeokDoctoral thesis48
2021-08Techno-economic and environmental assessment of PEM water electrolysis for green H2 productionLim, Hankwon; Lee, BoreumDoctoral thesis55
2021-08Study of mechanisms and efficiencies of electrochemical lithium recycling systemKim, Youngsik; Bae, HyuntaeDoctoral thesis53
2021-08Design of Nanocatalysts with High Thermal Stability and Durability for Methane ConversionAn, Kwangjin; Yang, EuiseobDoctoral thesis53