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2022-02Multi-functional 1,2-Bis-(diphenylphosphino)ethane additive for enhancing stability of electrode-electrolyte interfaces and chelating Nickel ion in Ni-rich cathode systemJeong, Kyeong Min; Park, Seon YeongMaster's thesis89
2022-02Functionalized nanocellulose cathode binders for lithium metal batteriesLee, Hyun-Wook; Hong, Young-KukMaster's thesis54
2022-02The Concept and Demonstration of Zero Fire Water-in-BatteryKim, Youngsik; Bae, JunhoMaster's thesis58
2022-02Stretchable and conductive ionic composite for strain-insensitive multimodal pressure sensorKo, Hyunhyub; Ko, YujungMaster's thesis46
2022-02Advanced electrolyte additives with silyl-ether and triazole motifs for high-performance Ni-rich cathodes in Li-ion batteriesLee, Hyun-Wook; Moon, HyeongyuMaster's thesis62
2022-02Unveiling Chemical stability/degradation mechanism of NASICON solid electrolyte against seawater during Seawater Battery operationKim,Youngsik; Kim, JongwooMaster's thesis80
2022-02Design of organic materials by organic synthesis and modification of cellulose and Ni-catalyzed E-enone synthesisHong, Sung You; Lee, Ho SeungMaster's thesis43
2022-02Understanding a water-soluble catechol-functionalized binder for Si anodes by in situ observationLee, Hyun-Wook; Ko, sanghoMaster's thesis47
2022-02Halogenation of contorted Hexabenzocoronene molecule for efficient Li−ion battery organic anodesKang, Seokju; Kim, SeongsooMaster's thesis50
2022-02Nitrate Molten Salt Electrolytes with Iron Oxide Catalysts for Open and Sealed Li-O2 BatteriesKang, Seok Ju; Koo, DaeryungMaster's thesis52
2022-02Interaction between heme and protein work as keystone for enhanced thermodynamic stability of lignin peroxidaseKim, Yong Hwan; Park, Joo YeongMaster's thesis96
2022-02Carbon Nanotube as a One-Dimensional Catalyst SupportLee, Chang Young; Kim, Yong SicMaster's thesis102
2022-02Supplementation of Redox Cofactors to Enhance Free Fatty Acid Production from Engineered Escherichia coliLee, Sung Kuk; Kim, TaeseokMaster's thesis63
2022-02Flow cell combined with voltammetry : application for selective glycerol electrooxidation-Master's thesis67
2022-02Elucidating underlying mechanism of fluorinated solvents for high voltage LiCoO2 cathode and Li metal anodeLee, Hyun-Wook; Lee, Jeong-AMaster's thesis58
2022-02Surface Functionalization for a High-Performance Lithium Metal AnodeLee, Hyun-Wook; Jung, UkhyunMaster's thesis58
2022-02Polyethylenimine aerogels for catalyst-free electrochemical hydrogen productionRyu, Jungki; Bae, MisolMaster's thesis51
2022-02Amphoteric electrolyte additive enhances the electrochemical performance of advanced lithium-ion batteries with Li-rich cathode and Si-embedded anodeSeo, Dong-Hwa; Kang, DayoungMaster's thesis49
2022-02Magnetic responsive shape-morphing supercapacitorLee, Hyun-Wook; Jeon, ChiwonMaster's thesis58
2022-02Stimuli-Responsive Structural Color Microstructure Design via Dithering Mask LithographyLee, Jiseok; Hwang, HyeriMaster's thesis66