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2020-02Decolorization of melanin by lignin peroxidase with in-situ generated H2O2 for whitening cosmetics applicationKim, Yong Hwan; Sung, Ho JoonMaster's thesis99
2020-02Investigating adhesion and stretchability of acrylate-based pressure sensitive adhesivesLee, Dong Woog; Lee, Ju HakMaster's thesis87
2020-02Nano-Structured Cathode for Improving Performance of Solid Oxide Fuel CellsKim, Guntae; Lee, SeungtaeMaster's thesis92
2020-02Nitrate-based aprotic electrolyte for reversible Li-CO2 batteryKang, Seok Ju; Woo, SeonghoMaster's thesis60
2020-02Phase Engineering of Two-dimensional Transition Metal Dichalcogenides for Electrocatalyst ApplicationPark, Hyesung; Park, SanghyeonMaster's thesis60
2020-02Probing molecular interaction mechanisms of biopolymersLee, Dong Woog; Ko, JinaMaster's thesis69
2020-02Bis(2,2,2-trifluoroethyl) ether and fluoroethylene carbonate hybrid additives to improve the electrochemical performance of Ni-rich cathode coupled with Si-containing anodeChoi, Nam-Soon; Park, Sung JiMaster's thesis58
2020-02DFT Study of Promising Materials in Industrial Field using VASP CodeLee, JunHee; Yang, Hye MiMaster's thesis58
2020-02Revealing degradation mechanism of washed Ni-rich cathode materialsCho, Jaephil; Gu, Ye HyeonMaster's thesis52
2020-02Synergistic effect of lithium difluoro(bisoxalato) phosphate and propionitrile for Li-ion batteries with high discharge rate capabilityChoi, Nam-Soon; Lee, JuyeonMaster's thesis91
2020-02Super-concentrated aqueous electrolyte to improve rechargeability of symmetric lithium manganese oxide batteriesSong, Hyun-Kon; Cheong, Do SolMaster's thesis94
2019-08The porous hematite photoanodes for enhanced photoelectrochemical water splittingJang, Ji-Hyun; Lee, JaeeunMaster's thesis141
2019-083D printed supporter combined with dopamine coated hydrogel-based carbon for highly efficient and self-floating solar steam generatorJang, Ji-Hyun; Kang, Se-YoungMaster's thesis246
2019-08Ab Initio DFT Study of Catalytic and Electrochemical NanostructuresLee, Jun Hee; Seo, Ji HuiMaster's thesis191
2019-08A bi-polymer-crosslinked binder to improve the kinetics of sodiation,desodiation and reversibility of antimony for sodium ion battery anodes.Song, Hyun-Kon; Kim, DohyoungMaster's thesis132
2019-08Combined MoOx buffer layer with metal oxide nanoparticle for improved stability and performance of semi-transparent perovskite solar cellSeok, Sang Il; Ji, SangGeunMaster's thesis234
2019-08Biphenyl-based anolytes for Anode-free seawater batteries with high coulombic efficiency and long cycle lifeKim, Youngsik; Jeong, DasongMaster's thesis154
2019-08Design of a Solar Seawater Battery System to increase the Voltage Efficiency of a Seawater BatteryKim, Youngsik; Lee, JinhoMaster's thesis172
2019-08Engineering Escherichia coli to Exploit Alternative Glycolytic Pathways upon Complete Loss of the Upper Embden-Meyerhof-Parnas PathwayLee, Sung Kuk; Kim, Ye EunMaster's thesis122
2019-08Multilayered Ferroelectric Hybrid Materials for Enhanced Triboelectric NanogeneratorsKo, Hyunhyub; Park, YoojeongMaster's thesis230