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2020-08Patterned ZnO on PDMS with MXene Quantum Dot (MQD) for triboelectric nano-generatorsJang, Ji-Hyun; Kim, SuheeMaster's thesis57
2020-08Synthesis of catechol-based conductive binder and development of slurry cathode for seawater batteries and its battery performanceLee, Dong Woog; Myung, MinhoonMaster's thesis48
2020-08Facile in-situ fabrication of target amplified reusable 3D hydrogel surface-enhanced raman spectroscopy (SERS) platform in microfluidic systemLee, Jiseok; Shin, YoonkyungMaster's thesis53
2020-08Production of 2-hydroxybutyric acid from L-threonine in Escherichia coli W3110: Removal of degradation of 2-ketobutyric acid and 2-hydroxybutyric acidPark, Sunghoon; Le, Thai QuocMaster's thesis48
2020-08Development of catechol-based photocurable thermally conductive adhesivesLee, Dong Woog; Choi, Hyun WooMaster's thesis48
2020-08In-depth study of the interaction mechanism of lignin moleculesLee, Dong Woog; Song, YoojungMaster's thesis43
2020-08Electrolyte containing 1-ethoxy-2-methoxy ethane and lithium difluoro(bisoxalato) phosphate to improve fast charging capability of high-energy Li-ion batteriesChoi, Nam-Soon; Lee, SomiMaster's thesis36
2020-08Dual additives (lithium nitrate, lithium difluoro(bisoxalato)phosphate) to improve the electrochemical performance of Ni-rich cathode coupled with ultra-thin lithium metal anodeChoi, Nam-Soon; Ahn, Young JoonMaster's thesis36
2020-08A study on the effects of SEI improving by wetting and formation temperature for fast charging of lithium-ion cellJeong, Kyeong-Min; Baek, DaewonMaster's thesis79
2020-08Deterministic growth sodium metal anode on pre-patterned current collector for highly rechargeable seawater batteryKang, Seok Ju; Jung, JaehoMaster's thesis37
2020-02Decolorization of melanin by lignin peroxidase with in-situ generated H2O2 for whitening cosmetics applicationKim, Yong Hwan; Sung, Ho JoonMaster's thesis154
2020-02Investigating adhesion and stretchability of acrylate-based pressure sensitive adhesivesLee, Dong Woog; Lee, Ju HakMaster's thesis127
2020-02Nano-Structured Cathode for Improving Performance of Solid Oxide Fuel CellsKim, Guntae; Lee, SeungtaeMaster's thesis149
2020-02Nitrate-based aprotic electrolyte for reversible Li-CO2 batteryKang, Seok Ju; Woo, SeonghoMaster's thesis113
2020-02Phase Engineering of Two-dimensional Transition Metal Dichalcogenides for Electrocatalyst ApplicationPark, Hyesung; Park, SanghyeonMaster's thesis99
2020-02Probing molecular interaction mechanisms of biopolymersLee, Dong Woog; Ko, JinaMaster's thesis110
2020-02Bis(2,2,2-trifluoroethyl) ether and fluoroethylene carbonate hybrid additives to improve the electrochemical performance of Ni-rich cathode coupled with Si-containing anodeChoi, Nam-Soon; Park, Sung JiMaster's thesis101
2020-02DFT Study of Promising Materials in Industrial Field using VASP CodeLee, JunHee; Yang, Hye MiMaster's thesis102
2020-02Revealing degradation mechanism of washed Ni-rich cathode materialsCho, Jaephil; Gu, Ye HyeonMaster's thesis89
2020-02Synergistic effect of lithium difluoro(bisoxalato) phosphate and propionitrile for Li-ion batteries with high discharge rate capabilityChoi, Nam-Soon; Lee, JuyeonMaster's thesis143