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2019-08A bi-polymer-crosslinked binder to improve the kinetics of sodiation,desodiation and reversibility of antimony for sodium ion battery anodes.Song, Hyun-Kon; Kim, DohyoungMaster's thesis20
2019-08Design of a Solar Seawater Battery System to increase the Voltage Efficiency of a Seawater BatteryKim, Youngsik; Lee, JinhoMaster's thesis23
2019-08Investigation on degradation mechanism of LiNi0.6Co0.2Mn0.2O2 bi-modal cathode materials under the high temperatureCho, Jaephil; Shin, SeulgiMaster's thesis17
2019-08Microstructural Change of Graphene Oxide Liquid Crystals with Polymer CrystallizationKim, So Youn; Mun, Soh JinMaster's thesis15
2019-08Engineering Escherichia coli to Exploit Alternative Glycolytic Pathways upon Complete Loss of the Upper Embden-Meyerhof-Parnas PathwayLee, Sung Kuk; Kim, Ye EunMaster's thesis13
2019-08Charge-Modulated Synthesis of Highly Stable Iron Oxide Nanoparticles for Bio-ApplicationPark, Jongnam; Woo, SunyoungMaster's thesis20
2019-08Multilayered Ferroelectric Hybrid Materials for Enhanced Triboelectric NanogeneratorsKo, Hyunhyub; Park, YoojeongMaster's thesis23
2019-08Solar Light Assisted Reductive Hydrogen Peroxide Production from Dioxygen and WaterJang, Ji-Wook; Hong, YerinMaster's thesis23
2019-08Multi-Layered Flexible Pressure Sensors with Tunable Sensitivity and LinearityKo, Hyunhub; Myoung, JinyoungMaster's thesis23
2019-08The porous hematite photoanodes for enhanced photoelectrochemical water splittingJang, Ji-Hyun; Lee, JaeeunMaster's thesis17
2019-08Ab Initio DFT Study of Catalytic and Electrochemical NanostructuresLee, Jun Hee; Seo, Ji HuiMaster's thesis42
2019-08Biphenyl-based anolytes for Anode-free seawater batteries with high coulombic efficiency and long cycle lifeKim, Youngsik; Jeong, DasongMaster's thesis21
2019-08Combined MoOx buffer layer with metal oxide nanoparticle for improved stability and performance of semi-transparent perovskite solar cellSeok, Sang Il; Ji, SangGeunMaster's thesis44
2019-083D printed supporter combined with dopamine coated hydrogel-based carbon for highly efficient and self-floating solar steam generatorJang, Ji-Hyun; Kang, Se-YoungMaster's thesis68
2019-02A Study on the Effect of Current Density on the Internal Short by Cu Contaminants in the Lithium-ion Battery Using In-Situ Optical MicroscopyJeong, Kyeong-Min; Sung, ChanghunMaster's thesis117
2019-02Development on hybrid-capacitor with high energy densityJang, Ji-Hyun; Ha, Seong-JiMaster's thesis119
2019-02Design of High Performance Silicon Anode for Li-ion batteriesChoi, Nam-Soon; Choi, WooyeongMaster's thesis159
2019-02Design and optimization of cell components for liquid metal battery and investigation of low operating temperature molten salt electrolyte with LiKim, Youngsik; Jung, YoungJaeMaster's thesis86
2019-02Conductivity Gradient Lithium Hosts based on Hetero-fibrous Scaffolds for Lithium-Metal BatteriesLee, Sang-Young; Hong, Sang-HoMaster's thesis128
2019-02Computational design of flexible functional two-dimensional materialsLee, JunHee; Nam, Ji SooMaster's thesis67