ECHE_Conference Papers

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2022-09-05Quantification of size-compatible host-guest interaction using a surface forces apparatusPark, Jintae; Park, Jinwoo, et alCONFERENCE16
2022-08-30Role of Lipid Domains on Protein Adsorption, Intermembrane Adhesion, and Lipid Membrane HemifusionLee, Dong WoogCONFERENCE15
2022-08-18Controlling Wettability of Electrodes for Enhanced Multi-Phase Electrochemical ReactionsRyu, Jungki; Jeon, Dasom, et alCONFERENCE81
2022-08-04Tannic Acid-derived Nanocarbon Layers to Improve Charge Separation, Hole Storage, and Catalytic Activity of Water Oxidation PhotoanodesKim, Minjung; Choi, Yuri, et alCONFERENCE5
2022-08-03Superaerophobic Virus Hydrogels for Electrochemical and Photoelectrochemical Hydrogel Production Solar energy conversionJeon, Dasom; Park, Jinwoo, et alCONFERENCE19
2022-08-03Quantification of size-compatible host-guest interaction using a surface forces apparatusPark, Jintae; Park, Jinwoo, et alCONFERENCE17
2022-06-23Controlling Wettability of Electrodes for Enhanced Electrochemical ReactionsRyu, JungkiCONFERENCE96
2022-06-13Direct quantification of host-guest interaction at interfaces using a surface forces apparatusPark, Jintae; Park, Jinwoo, et alCONFERENCE107
2022-05-13Superaerophobic hydrogel-modified electrodes for efficient hydrogen evolution reactionBae, Misol; Kang, Yunseok, et alCONFERENCE118
2022-04-15Selective Electrochemical Depolymerization of Lignin in Lignocellulosic Biomass with Polyoxometalate CatalystChoi, Yuri; Mehrotra, Rashmi, et alCONFERENCE137
2022-04-15Valorization of Lignin and Electrochemical Hydrogen Production Using Molecular Metal Oxide ClustersOh, Hyeonmyeong; Choi, Yuri, et alCONFERENCE122
2022-04-15Electrochemical Depolymerization of Lignin for Lignin-First BiorefineryRyu, Jungki; Choi, Yuri, et alCONFERENCE113
2022-04-14Electrolysis of Biomass for Its Valorization and Energy ConversionRyu, Jungki; Choi, Yuri, et alCONFERENCE121
2022-04-07Highly Selective CH4 Production using Zn-based Polyoxometalate by Photocatalytic CO2 ConversionKim, Nayeong; Kim, Hyunwoo, et alCONFERENCE136
2022-04-07Continuous Lignin Valorization and Low-voltage Hydrogen Production by Modular Microfluidic ReactorsOh, Hyeonmyeong; Choi, Yuri, et alCONFERENCE114
2021-12-16Understanding degradation mechanism via diverse analyses at the interphase of solid-electrolytesLee, Hyun-WookCONFERENCE157
2021-12-14Halide perovskite-based photovoltaics – from materials to devicesSeok, Sang IlCONFERENCE151
2021-12-07Hexacyanometallates for Rechargeable BatteriesLee, Hyun-WookCONFERENCE234
2021-12-07Prussian Blue Analogues for BatteriesLee, Hyun-WookCONFERENCE153
2021-12-07Solar Hydrogen Production at Scale: Scale-up and DemonstrationHansora, Dharmesh P.; Jang, Ji-Wook, et alCONFERENCE260