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2019-02Development of an Energy-Recirculating Micromachined G-band Folded Waveguide Traveling Wave Tube OscillatorChoi, EunMi; Lee, IngeunDoctoral thesis58
2019-02Wireless Power Transfer System for Battery-Less Body Implantable DevicesBien, Franklin; Ma, HyunggunDoctoral thesis191
2019-02Towards Fast and High-quality Biomedical Image ReconstructionJeong, Won-Ki; Tran, Minh QuanDoctoral thesis95
2019-02Scheduling Techniques in Resource Shared Large-Scale ClustersChoi, Young-ri; Hwang, EunjiDoctoral thesis56
2019-02Redesigning Transaction Processing Systems for Non-Volatile MemoryNoh, Sam H.; Kim, WookheeDoctoral thesis133
2019-02Leveraging Emerging Hardware to Improve the Performance of Data Analytics FrameworksChoi, Young-ri; Nam, MoohyeonDoctoral thesis60
2018-08Impedance Characterization and Synthesis for the EMC-Aware Design of AC MotorsKim, Jingook; Ryu, YounggonDoctoral thesis95
2018-02Design of Touch Screen Controller IC for Transparent Fingerprint SensorBien, Franklin; Heo, SanghyunDoctoral thesis205
2018-02Quantified Design Guidelines of Compact Active EMI Filters to Reduce the Common-Mode Conducted EmissionsKim, Jingook; Shin, DongilDoctoral thesis192
2018-02Power Control Techniques in Wireless Power Transfer SystemBien, Franklin; Na, KyungminDoctoral thesis333
2018-02Parallel Block Sequential Closed Form Matting with Fan Shape PartitionsYang, Seungjoon; Lee, YongsikDoctoral thesis233
2018-02Epitaxial Graphene and its Electronic Device ApplicationsPark, Kibog; Jin, HanbyulDoctoral thesis217
2017-08Exploiting Graphics Processing Units for Massively Parallel Multi-Dimensional IndexingNam, Beomseok; Kim, JinwoongDoctoral thesis274
2017-08Ultra-Low Power Ternary CMOS Platform for Physical Synthesis of Multi-Valued Logic and Memory ApplicationsKim, Kyung Rok; Shin, SunhaeDoctoral thesis313
2017-02Plasmonic Terahertz Detector Based on Asymmetric Silicon Field-Effect Transistor for Real-Time Terahertz Imaging SystemKim, Kyung Rok; Ryu, Min WooDoctoral thesis271
2016-08Visual Recognition for Autonomous VehiclesHwang, Sung Ju; Jo, AhraDoctoral thesis474
2016-08Process-induced Structural Variability-aware Performance Optimization for Advanced Nanoscale TechnologiesBien, Franklin; Ryu, MyunghwanDoctoral Thesis501
2016-08Homomorphic Primitives in Secret-Key Cryptography for Privacy and AuthenticityYun, Aaram; Joo, ChihongDoctoral thesis497
2016-08Simulation study of laser-driven ion acceleration: target-normal-sheath-acceleration using double-layer target, shock ion acceleration via relativistic transparencyHur, Min Sup; Kim, Young-KukDoctoral thesis489
2016-02Learning a Convolutional Neural Network with Additional InformationYang, Seungjoon; Kim, SoowoongDoctoral thesis1352