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2021-08IoT-Enabled Intelligent Multi-Gas Sensor Interface and Edge Platform for Indirect Self-Calibration and Performance OptimizationKim, Jae Joon; Oh, ByungjooDoctoral thesis30
2021-08Monolithic Trantenna: Terahertz Detectors Based on Silicon Ring-Gate Plasmonic Field Effect TransistorKim, Kyung Rok; Jang, E-SanDoctoral thesis40
2021-08Biopotential and Photoplethysmogram Readout Integrated Circuits for Continuous Blood Pressure Monitoring SystemKim, Jae Joon; Lee, KwangmukDoctoral thesis31
2021-08Frequency-Dependent Characterization and Modeling of Bearing Voltage in the Design of Squirrel-Cage Induction MotorsKim, Jingook; Yea, ManjeDoctoral thesis30
2021-08Research on Power Converters to Implement Extended Functionalities: Wireless Power Transfer Integration, Spread Spectrum Technique, and Enhanced Modular OperationJung, Jee-Hoon; Kim, MinaDoctoral thesis27
2021-02Ternary Metal-Oxide-Semiconductor Technology and Design for Neuromorphic Processing-in-Memory ArchitectureKim, Kyung Rok; Jeong, Jae WonDoctoral thesis178
2021-02A New Design Methodology for Ternary Circuits and SystemsKim, Kyung Rok; Kim, SunmeanDoctoral thesis171
2021-02The Compact EMI Reduction Method Using Active Circuit Considering Conducted Emissions and ReliabilityKim, Jingook; Jeong, SangyeongDoctoral thesis61
2021-02Low-Phase-Noise Local-Oscillating (LO) Signal Generators for RF TransceiversLee, Kyuho; Lim, YounghyunDoctoral thesis53
2021-02Optimization and Deep Learning for Wireless Communications and Robotics AutomationYoon, Sung Whan; Jang, JonggyuDoctoral thesis58
2021-02Graphene-based Nanophotonic Modulators for Near-Infrared and Mid-Infrared ApplicationsKwon, Min-Suk; Kim, YonghanDoctoral thesis55
2021-02Graph-based Geometry Processing Techniques for 3D MeshesSim, Jae-Young; Jeong, Se-WonDoctoral thesis53
2021-02Modulation of Interface Electrical Properties for SiC Power DevicesPark, Kibog; Kim, JunhyungDoctoral thesis54
2021-02User-centric Throughput/Latency Enhancement in Wired/Wireless NetworksKim, Hyoil; Shin, KyuboDoctoral thesis56
2021-02Game Theoretic Approaches to Decentralized Optimal Control of Unmanned VehiclesChung, Jin-Ho; Lee, Myoung HoonDoctoral thesis86
2021-02Reflection Removal of 3D Point Clouds for Realistic 3D Scene ReconstructionSim, Jae-Young; Yun, Jae-SeongDoctoral thesis101
2021-02Strained Silicon Fin-Based High Electron Mobility Transistor for Optimal Device Design of Performance and ReliabilityKim, Kyung Rok; Kim, Sung-HoDoctoral thesis76
2021-02Multiantenna Downlink Interference Management for Next Generation Mobile NetworksYoon, Sung Whan; Kim, YoujinDoctoral thesis65
2020-08A wide dynamic range multi-sensor readout integrated circuit for portable environmental sensor monitoring systemsKim, Jae Joon; Choi, SubinDoctoral thesis121
2020-08Area-efficient, ultra-low jitter clock generators using injection locking techniquesLee, Kyuho; Choi, SeojinDoctoral thesis121