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2021-02Efficient Third Harmonic Generation from Polaritonic Metasurfaces with Monopole-Dipole InteractionLee, Jongwon; Choi, DongryeMaster's thesis65
2021-02Vision based Generous Deep Neural Network Grasping Detector for Robot Grasping TaskChun, Se-Young; Seo, Yong-HyeokMaster's thesis62
2021-02Position-sensing by ZCP Filter for 3-Phase Sinusoidal BLDC Motor ControllerLee, Myunghee; Jeong, HoichangMaster's thesis45
2021-02An Optimization Strategy for Non-Orthogonal Pilot Allocation in Massive MIMO SystemsChung, Jin-Ho; Lee, Hong-JaeMaster's thesis40
2021-0210-bit SAR-ADC for OLED external compensation with offset calibrationBien, Franklin; Lee, Tae-HunMaster's thesis63
2021-02A CMOS Indirect Time of Flight Sensor with Active Reset Technique for Reset Noise SuppressionKim, Seong-Jin; Gu, MinsooMaster's thesis72
2021-02Area and Power Efficient 10-Bit Column Driver with 67-MS/s Time-Dividing DAC and Output Buffer Sharing for Mobile Active-Matrix OLEDsBien, Franklin; Yoon, Rae-HwanMaster's thesis38
2021-02NP-CGRA: Extending CGRAs for Efficient Processing of Light-weight Deep Neural NetworksLee, Jongeun; Lee, JungiMaster's thesis120
2021-02Design of High Resolution Read-out IC System for Transparent Fingerprint SensorBien, Franklin; Shin, Sang-WoongMaster's thesis27
2021-02Deep learning based single image and video deblurring with exploiting time-resolved datasetChun, Se Young; Kang, Dong UnMaster's thesis26
2021-02A Study on Building a Test Platform and System Implementation for Unmanned Aerial Vehicle AutomationYoon, Sung Whan; Lyu, HyeonsuMaster's thesis25
2021-02A Novel Dual-Functionality Beamforming Technique for Next-Generation Integrated SystemsYoon, Sung Whan; Noh, Hyeon HoMaster's thesis30
2020-08System-level transient ESD noise monitoring using off-chip and on-chip circuitsKim, Jingook; Lee, WooryongMaster's thesis86
2020-08Deep trajectory prediction for robotic manipulation under unreliable sensor dataKim, Kwang In; Abdulov, AlisherMaster's thesis115
2020-08Unsupervised training of denoisers for low-dose CT reconstruction without full-dose ground truthChun, Se young; Kim, KwanyoungMaster's thesis97
2020-08Dynamic ringing suppression in a CAN-FD transceiver using peak voltage detection and impedance switchingLee, Myunghee; Lee, DohoonMaster's thesis101
2020-08Scalable accelerator for nonuniform multi-word log-quantized neural networkLee, Jongeun; Choi, JooyeonMaster's thesis98
2020-08Research on high-efficiency induction heating system employing on-line tracking algorithm of optimal operating pointJung, Jee-Hoon; Jin, JuIlMaster's thesis99
2020-08Research on efficiency-optimized design methodology of semi-DAB converters for battery charging applicationsJung, Jee-Hoon; Yoon, Bo-KyungMaster's thesis100
2020-08Indirect time-of-fight sensor with in-pixel adaptable background light suppression based on delta-sigma techniqueKim, Seong-Jin; Park, DahwanMaster's thesis171