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2019-08Training and refining deep learning based denoisers without ground truth dataChun, Se Young; Soltanayev, ShakarimMaster's thesis70
2019-08A CMOS Indirect Time-of-Flight Sensor with Pull-and-Split Charge Transfer Pixel Structure for High Depth ResolutionKim, Seong-Jin; Lee, SeunghyunMaster's thesis68
2019-08Deep Neural Networks to Learn Basis Functions with a Temporal Covariance LossChoi, Jaesik; Ju, JanghoonMaster's thesis69
2019-08An Empirical Study of How Visualization Duplication Affects Visual AnalysisKo, Sungahn; Oh, JuyoungMaster's thesis71
2019-08Efficient Machine Learning on Heterogeneous Computing Systems through a Coordinated Runtime SystemBaek, Woongki; Hyun, JihoonMaster's thesis75
2019-08Analysis of Human Body Impulse Response for AuthenticationChung, Jin-Ho; Jung, Hee-HeonMaster's thesis65
2019-08Analysis of Radiation Patterns in Three-Phase Motor with the Stator Winding as a Circular Array of AntennaKim, Jingook; Kim, JeonghwanMaster's thesis72
2019-08An Extremely Low-latency Congestion Control for Mobile Cellular NetworksLee, Kyunghan; Park, ShinikMaster's thesis73
2019-08Deep Learning approaches for Robotic Grasp Detection and Image Super-ResolutionChun, Se Young; Park, DongwonMaster's thesis69
2019-08Unsupervised training of deep learning based image denoisers from undersampled measurementsChun, Se Young; Zhussip, MagauiyaMaster's thesis148
2019-08Three-Tier Computation Offloading Game in a Multi-User EnvironmentKim, Hyoil; Jung, SuHwanMaster's thesis86
2019-08Design of One-Coincidence Frequency Hopping Sequence Sets for FHMA SystemsChung, Jin Ho; Lee, Tae-HwanMaster's thesis75
2019-08Measurement and Analysis of IC Jitters and Soft Failures due to System-level ESDKim, Jingook; Jeong, MyeongjoMaster's thesis65
2019-08Endurable Transient Inconsistency in Byte-Addressable Persistent B+-TreeChoi, Young-ri; Hwang, DeukyeonMaster's thesis64
2019-08Efficient Sneak Path-aware Training of Binarized Neural Networks for RRAM Crossbar ArraysLee, Jongeun; Lee, SugilMaster's thesis64
2019-02A Compression Technique Exploiting References for Data Synchronization ServicesLee, Kyunghan; Nam, WooseungMaster's thesis131
2019-02Frequency-splitting Dynamic MRI Reconstruction using Multi-scale 3D Convolutional Sparse Coding and Automatic Parameter SelectionJeong, Won-Ki; Nguyen Duc, Van ThanhMaster's thesis160
2019-02Convergence Aware CNN TrainingNoh, Sam H.; Lee, Jin WonMaster's thesis121
2019-02Context-aware Background Application Scheduling in Interactive Mobile SystemsLee, Kyunghan; Jeong, EuijinMaster's thesis141
2019-02A visual analytics system for neuronal morphology analysis of zebrafish brainJeong, Won Ki; Moon, Jung MinMaster's thesis127