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2023-08Secure Precoding for Future Wireless Communication SystemsYoon, Sung Whan; Oh, MintaekMaster's thesis32
2023-08Optimizing Communication Beamforming for New Multiple Access under Low-Resolution Quantization: A Spectral and Energy Efficiency PerspectiveYoon, Sung Whan; Park, SeokjunMaster's thesis32
2023-02Small-Signal Analysis and Controller Design of Dual and Triple Active-Bridge ConvertersJung, Jee-Hoon; Jeon, ChanoMaster's thesis928
2023-02Research on High-Frequency and High-Efficiency Series Resonant Inverter for Induction Heating ApplicationsJung, Jee-Hoon; Kim, Hyun-JiMaster's thesis930
2023-02Restoration of Hand-Drawn Architectural Drawings using Latent Space Mapping with Degradation GeneratorYang, Seungjoon; Choi, NakkwanMaster's thesis1138
2023-02Enhanced Four-Port Dual-Active-Bridge Converter Employing Power Decoupling Capability for DC Microgrid systemJung, Jee-Hoon; Yun, Chang-WooMaster's thesis827
2023-02IC Level EMI Analysis using EMI Source ModelingKim, Jingook; Cho, Jung HoonMaster's thesis884
2023-02Design and analysis of mm-Wave antenna arrayByun, Gangil; YOU, SI ON,Master's thesis758
2023-02Deep Learning-Based Framework for Large-Scale 3D Point Cloud Reflection RemovalSim, Jae-Young; Lee, Og GyuMaster's thesis706
2023-02Design and Analysis of P-well/Deep N-well SPAD for LiDAR SensorKim, Seong-Jin; Kim, Joo-HyunMaster's thesis722
2023-02Photoplethysmogram and Phonocardiogram Integrated Circuits for Multi-mode Healthcare System on the Chest with Vascular Transit Time based Blood Pressure EstimationKim, Jae Joon; Park, MinseokMaster's thesis1123
2023-02Electrically reconfigurable nonlinear polariton metasurface for difference-frequency-generationLee, Jongwon; Son, JeongwooMaster's thesis813
2022-08CMOS image sensor with nanostructureChung, Il-Sug; Kang, HyunguMaster's thesis1123
2022-08Power Flow Decoupling Method in Three-Port and Four-Port Dual-Active-Bridge Converters for DC Microgrid ApplicationsJung, Jee-Hoon; Bempah, Kwabena OpokuMaster's thesis1263
2022-08Hyperspectral spectrometer based on Silicon photonicsChung, Il-Sug; Cho, Yun-HoMaster's thesis1196
2022-08RiSi: Spectro-temporal Blind Modulation Recognition for OFDMA SignalsKim, Hyoil; Kurmanteyev, DauletMaster's thesis1152
2022-08Heterogeneously integrated DBR laserChung, Il-Sug; Cha, JinhyunMaster's thesis1277
2022-08A 3.5 Gsymbol/lane Receiver Design for MIPI C-PHY Layer v2.0Kim, Jae Joon; Nugmanuly, KhamzatMaster's thesis1782
2022-08Application of CRLH Transmission Line Metamaterial in Micro-bio Sensing for Non-invasive Continuous Glucose MonitoringByun, Gangil; Nguyen, Mai AnhMaster's thesis1266
2022-08A 6.78MHz Adaptive-ZVS Class-D PA with Dynamic Dead-Time for Wireless Power Transfer systemBien, Franklin; Park, HyunjunMaster's thesis1360