EE_Conference Papers

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2020-12-06The measurement of permittivity using TE01 mode in a cylindrical waveguide beyond 300GHz frequency bandChoi, Hong Eun; Choi, EunMiCONFERENCE4
2020-12-02Power Hardware-in-The- Loop Simulation for DC Microgrid Reliability TestHeo, Kyoung-Wook; Choi, Hyun-Jun, et alCONFERENCE8
2020-11-28선박에 탑재되는 안테나의 성능 왜곡 분석 방안 연구유태호; 이행수, et alCONFERENCE0
2020-11-26실리콘 기반 나노플라즈모닉 도파로 소자Kwon, Min-SukCONFERENCE0
2020-11-20전송선로를 이용한 다중 공진 센서 개선 및 체내 환경 최적화 방안유시온; 변영재, et alCONFERENCE0
2020-11-20추적 및 탐지 레이다의 구조체 탑재 영향성 분석유태호; 변강일CONFERENCE0
2020-11-20안테나 동시 탑재시 운용성 분석을 위한 공통 개구면 계수 연구윤종원; 김영완, et alCONFERENCE0
2020-11-18Wireless Power Transfer System with Reduced EMI Emission Employing Spread Spectrum TechniqueKim, Mina; Park, Hwa-Pyeong, et alCONFERENCE6
2020-11-18A Wireless Power Transfer System with Uniformly High Transfer Efficiency for Free Arrangement of the Receiver in a Wide AreaJo, Hyunkyeong; Kim, Jungho, et alCONFERENCE10
2020-11-16Fast Maximum Power Point Tracking Technique With 4-Bits/Cycle SAR ADC for Photovoltaic Energy Harvesting SystemChoi, Eunho; Kim, Jiwon, et alCONFERENCE9
2020-10-14Spread Spectrum Based Power Line Communication and em Noise Reduction Technique for Bidirectional HB CLLC Resonant ConverterPark, Hwa-Pyeong; Kim, Mina, et alCONFERENCE14
2020-09-22X-Array: Approximating Omnidirectional Millimeter-Wave Coverage Using an Array of Phased ArraysWang, Song; Huang, Jingqi, et alCONFERENCE118
2020-09-07Architecture-Accuracy Co-optimization of ReRAM-based Low-cost Neural Network ProcessorLee, Segi; Lee, Sugil, et alCONFERENCE0
2020-09-04그래핀 기반 근적외선과 중적외선 광소자Kwon, Min-SukCONFERENCE0
2020-08-26Optically-Invisible Antennas on Display for Adaptive Beamforming허진명; 유봉현, et alCONFERENCE0
2020-08-25Tunable and reconfigurable metamaterials with metal ink printing on paperJeong, Hoon Yeub; Lim, Yeonsoo, et alCONFERENCE10
2020-08-21인공 망막 Stimulator를 위한 무선전력전송 수신 회로 설계박현준; 남궁경호, et alCONFERENCE5
2020-08-21직렬 배열 마이크로 스트립 패치 안테나의 진행파 및 반사파의 비율 조절을 이용한 광대역 성능 연구황동휘; 성은진, et alCONFERENCE0
2020-08-21Enhancement of Q-factor in microwave sensing using trapped mode excitation in stand-alone structureNguyen, Thi Hai-Yen; 변영재, et alCONFERENCE0
2020-08-21디스플레이 투명 전송선로의 특성 임피던스 조절 설계 방식허진명; 성은진, et alCONFERENCE0