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2020-08Physical traces and materialization of songs for personal music participation in Café: Design and field study of camuePark, Young-Woo; Kim, BominMaster's thesis47
2020-08Wired drone and suggestions for its applicationsJeong, YunWoo; Park, ChoeunMaster's thesis45
2020-08Investigating the change through physical representation of self-reflective data: Field study of bookly and further implicationPark, Young-Woo; Ju, SomiMaster's thesis93
2020-02Commercialization of an Academic Outcome: a Case Study of U.CUBEKim, KwanMyung; Yang, JihyeonMaster's thesis134
2020-02MuScale: Designing for Tangible Interaction with Weight in Digital Music ExperienceKim, Chajoong; Choi, Ha yeonMaster's thesis123
2020-02SLOWPIXELS: Slow-design for reflective retrieval of personal photosSelf, James Andrew; Kim, JisuMaster's thesis186
2020-02The Role of Tactile Interaction in Anxiety as Negative EmotionKim, Chajoong; Ma, SanghyunMaster's thesis131
2020-02The Role of Aesthetic Interaction in Sound ExperienceKim, Chajoong; Yoon, Ja-yeongMaster's thesis175
2019-08Design Directions for Improving the Usability of ‘stool.D’ while Maintaining the Visual IdentityKim, KwanMyung; Park, SangjinMaster's thesis235
2019-08Hug2Go: The Development of Indoor Smart Driving Personal MobilityLee, Hui-sung; Lee, Sung-hoMaster's thesis226
2019-02Breath Time: Breathing Exercise Product through Physical Volumetric ChangeKim, Kwan-Myung; Chung, YoungchulMaster's thesis352
2019-02Design for Mutual Development of Amateur Artists: Planning of Online Communication Platform for Amateur ArtistsLee, Huisung; Cho, Eun-JunMaster's thesis275
2019-02How might we provide mental health support for international students at UNIST with the usage of digital technologiesJung, Dooyoung; Hennemann, Murilo MarksMaster's thesis263
2019-02Lightin'O: Form-driven Gesture Interaction as a Design Material for Future Home AppliancePark, Young-Woo; Lee, HanbyeolMaster's thesis273
2019-02FUTURE TRUNK: Design Approach for Future Autonomous EVJeong, Yunwoo; Han, Ga-eulMaster's thesis384
2019-02PicCo: Improved Communication between Elderly People & Geographically Remote Family Members through IoT DesignSelf, James Andrew; Lee, So-YeonMaster's thesis304
2019-02The Relevance Between Autonomous Level For Personal Indoor Farming And Emotion Bonding According To Pre-ExperiencesKim, Chajoong; Kim, GaeeMaster's thesis400
2019-02The relationship between form as momentary experience and user characteristics in online shoppingKim, Chajoong; Park, Yong JunMaster's thesis323
2019-02muRedder: A Song Ticket Shredding Speaker for Ephemeral Music ContentsPark, Young-Woo; Kim, Kyung-JinMaster's thesis309
2019-02FlipMe: Exploring Rich Peer-to-Peer Communication in On-Line-LearningSelf, James Andrew; Jeong, WondoMaster's thesis280
Showing results 1 to 20 of 47