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2023-08Exploring Wheel-Based Mobile Motion as an Emotional Expression Modality in Socially Interactive RobotsLee, Hui Sung; Lee, JiyeonMaster's thesis48
2023-08How Did It Evolve? Developing a Policy Design Experiment for Sustainability Transitions of a National Museum of Modern and Contemporary ArtPark-Lee, Seungho; Lee, HyoriMaster's thesis134
2023-08Tailoring Government as a System Toolkit for Sustainability Transition of Gwacheon National Science Museum (GNSM)Park-Lee, Seungho; Kwak, Byeong KukMaster's thesis138
2023-08Design of Sliding Footplate Manipulation Structure for Reducing Physical Demand in an Indoor Personal Mobility VehicleLee, Hui Sung; Kwak, YoonjoungMaster's thesis70
2023-02The Size Study and Self-Balancing Chassis Design of a Two-Wheeled Socially Assistive Robot for the ElderlyKim, KwanMyung; Saduakas, AlisherMaster's thesis1266
2023-02Human Perception on Robot’s Face and Color Expression using Linear Dynamic Affect Expression ModelLee, Hui Sung; Dzhoroev, TemirlanMaster's thesis1367
2023-02Bytee : The Interactive System Based on Visual Imagery to Encourage Personal Yoga PracticesLee, Kyungho; Lee, SoobinMaster's thesis1129
2023-02ALH-E : A Deformable and Tangible Device for Pain CommunicationLee, Hui Sung; Kim, DongyoonMaster's thesis1183
2023-02User-Centered Design of Products for Acquisition of Procedural Knowledge : Case Study of MagnesticksSelf, James Andrew; Kim, KyungryeolMaster's thesis1261
2023-02Exploring Reflective Experiences of Daily Moods through Light Colors : Design and Field Trial of Lumino in HomesPark, Young-Woo; Kim, DoheeMaster's thesis1357
2022-08Design and Implementation of Facial eHMI for a Mobile Robot Encountering PedestrianLee, Hui Sung; Park, SuyoungMaster's thesis1877
2022-08Prototyping as a Qualitative Inquiry in Fuzzy Front-End of New Service DevelopmentPark-Lee, Seungho; Lee, SeunghoonMaster's thesis3159
2022-08Opportunities and Challenges in Establishing a Living Lab for Mobility Innovation in Rural-Urban Fringe in Korea: a Design Lab’s ExperiencePark-Lee, Seungho; Kim, SeongbeomMaster's thesis2025
2021-08Sopoong: a New Design Concept for Picnic ActivityJeong, Yunwoo; Jang, WooinMaster's thesis2198
2021-08Shared Autonomous Vehicles: User Expectations and Opportunities for DesignKim, Chajoong; Lee, Min-hyukMaster's thesis2442
2021-08Beyond Mere Listening: A User Experience Record Manual to Improve Accessibility of Public Mobile Applications for the Visually ImpairedLee, Seung Ho; Jang, SungwonMaster's thesis2416
2021-08ECHO: Digital Service Platform for Diabetes Management in Young PatientsKim, Hwang; Jin, Hyo-JeongMaster's thesis2321
2021-08Legato: an Online Platform for Virtual Collaboration of Amateur Classical MusiciansKim, Hwang; Lee, JiyoungMaster's thesis2296
2021-02Encountering Two Personal Digital Possessions Together for Reminiscence in the Everyday Life: Design and Field study of SlideFramePark, Young-Woo; Kim, SubinMaster's thesis2077
2021-02Encountering Cover Versions of Songs Derived from Music Listening History Data: Design and Field Study of the Musée Music PlayerPark, Young-Woo; Jang, SangsuMaster's thesis2106