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2020-02Prediction of unloading crude oil using machine learning with meteorological dataWoo, Han-Gyun; Ji, HyunseongMaster's thesis178
2020-02A survey of the optimal time series modelling for newbuilding ship pricesWoo, Hangyun; Jeon, JaeminMaster's thesis283
2020-02Two emerging drivers for successful university technology commercialization: Commercialization speed and faculty engagementKim, Young-Choon; Jeong, Yoon-HoMaster's thesis197
2020-02The Effect of Formal Education, Informal Education, and Self-Directed Learning on Job Satisfaction: The Moderating Role of HRD CommunicationHong, WoonKi; Kim, EunJiMaster's thesis303
2018-02Identifying patterns of mergers and acquisitions at the industry levelLee, Changyong; Park, Kang-MinMaster's thesis570
2015-08Determinants of Corporate Capital Structure in KoreaChung, Keunsuk; Han, SuwonMaster's thesis1253
2014-08MEASURING GLOBAL STOCK MARKET EFFICIENCYShim, Hyeongsop; Kim, SejinMaster's thesis1230
2013-11Are There Different Understandings on Excessive Use of Smartphone between Digital Natives and Digital Immigrants?Jung, Yoonkyuk; Ahn, JuyeonMaster's thesis1336
2013-02Why Do Main Banks Manage Earnings? : Client Firms' PerspectiveLee, Eun Suh; Kim, Eui-JooMaster's thesis1066
2013-02Absorptive Capacity: Empirical Exploration on Trait of Organizational Structure and Absorptive Capacity PracticesWoo, Hangyun; Song, Hyun-JooMaster's thesis1194
2012-08A Comparative Study of Dimensionality Reduction Techniques to Enhance Trace Clustering PerformancesSong, Minseok; Yang, HannaMaster's thesis1226
2011-08Empirical Study on the Difference in Analyst’ Tendency for earning forecast and Impact on Stock Price by Industry TypesKim, Kwanho; Choi, Jae HyungMaster's thesis1007
2011-08Application of Process Mining in Managerial Accounting: A Case Study of an Investments and Securities FirmSong, Minseok; Ree, Jason JihoonMaster's thesis1085
2011-08An Exploration of the Relationship between Boundary Spanning and Organizational PerformanceWoo, Han Gyun; Yoon, Young SimMaster's thesis1210