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2021-05-08ADIO: An Interactive Artifact Physically Representing the Intangible Digital Audiobook Listening Experience in Everyday Living SpacesLee, Kyung-Ryong; Kim, Beom; Kim, Junyoung; Hong, Hwajung; Park, Young-WooCONFERENCE29
2021-02Designing for Positive Emotions: Issues and Emerging Research DirectionsKim, Chajoong; Yoon, JungKyoon; Desmet, Pieter; Pohlmeyer, AnnaARTICLE74
2021-01Investigating Physical Interaction with Digital Data through the Materialization of Email HandlingKim, Juntae; Self, James; Park, Young-WooARTICLE13
2020-12How Do You Feel Online: Exploiting Smartphone Sensors to Detect Transitory Emotions during Social Media UseRuensuk, Mintra; Cheon, Eunyong; Hong, Hwajung; Oakley, IanARTICLE17
2020-12Everyday Design-Driven Innovation: Exploring meaning change in IKEA hackingHan, Ga-eul; Jeong, Yunwoo; Self, JamesARTICLE16
2020-11-02Characterizing In-Air Eyes-Free Typing Movements in VRGil, Hyunjae; Shin, Yonghwan; Son, Hyungki; Hwang, Inwook; Oakley, Ian; Kim, Jin RyongCONFERENCE13
2020-10-20SchemaBoard: Supporting correct assembly of schematic circuits using dynamic in-situ visualizationKim, Yoonji; Lee, Hyein; Prasad, Ramkrishna; Je, Seungwoo; Choi, Youngkyung; Ashbrook, Daniel; Oakley, Ian; Bianchi, AndreaCONFERENCE14
2020-09-04The Interplay of User, Context and Product in Everyday Design BehaviorKim, Soyoung; Christiaans, Henri; Kim, ChajoongCONFERENCE12
2020-08-31Development of a Shared Indoor Smart Mobility Platform Based on Semi-Autonomous DrivingKang, Donghun; Park, Haeun; Kwak, Yoonjoung; Kim, Byeongjin; Kim, Seongbeom; Kim, Donghyun; Lee, Seongjae; Kim, Byounghern; Lee, Hui SungCONFERENCE37
2020-08-19RAVit - 새로운 형태의 멀티미터 제안강동훈; 주상진; 이희승CONFERENCE34
2020-08-17거리 센서를 이용한 실내 공유형 모빌리티 제어강동훈; 김병헌; 김병진; 이성재; 김성범; 곽윤정; 박하은; 이희승CONFERENCE42
2020-08Shaping Rollable Display Devices: Effects of Gripping Condition, Device Thickness, and Hand Length on Bimanual Perceived Grip ComfortLee, Songil; Kyung, Gyouhyung; Kim, Minjoong; Choi, Donghee; Choi, Hyeeun; Hwang, Kitae; Park, Seonghyeok; Kim, Su Young; Lee, SeungbaeARTICLE239
2020-08Discomfort luminance level of head-mounted displays depending on the adapting luminanceHa, Hyeyoung; Kwak, Youngshin; Kim, Hyosun; Seo, Young-junARTICLE387
2020-08Design for assisting elderly with poor motor control skills and managing their low-back painKim, KwanMyung; Tufail, MuhammadDoctoral thesis70
2020-08Rematerializing the digital: Assessing tangible design interventions in the home and workspacePark, Young-Woo; Kim, JuntaeDoctoral thesis60
2020-08Physical traces and materialization of songs for personal music participation in Café: Design and field study of camuePark, Young-Woo; Kim, BominMaster's thesis48
2020-08Wired drone and suggestions for its applicationsJeong, YunWoo; Park, ChoeunMaster's thesis45
2020-08Social biomimicry: Empirical studiesLee, Hui Sung; Kim, SojungDoctoral thesis42
2020-08Investigating the change through physical representation of self-reflective data: Field study of bookly and further implicationPark, Young-Woo; Ju, SomiMaster's thesis93
2020-08The Influence of User Characteristics, Product Characteristics and Context in Everyday Design BehaviourKim, Chajoong; Kim, Soyoung; Christiaans, HenriARTICLE38
Showing results 1 to 20 of 1185