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2021-04Fluorine-free anti-droplet surface modification by hexadecyltrimethoxysilane-modified silica nanoparticles-coated carbon nanofibers for self-cleaning applicationsSinha Ray, Saikat; Lee, Hyung Kae; Huyen, Dao Thi Thanh; Park, You-In; Park, Hosik; Nam, Seung-Eun; Kim, In-Chul; Kwon, Young-NamARTICLE9
2021-02Surface engineering for anti-wetting and antibacterial membrane for enhanced and fouling resistant membrane distillation performanceSinha Ray, Saikat; Dangayach, Raghav; Kwon, Young-NamARTICLE114
2021-02Assimilation of SMAP and ASCAT soil moisture retrievals into the JULES land surface model using the Local Ensemble Transform Kalman FilterSeo, Eunkyo; Lee, Myong-In; Reichle, Rolf H.ARTICLE30
2021-02Assessment of seismic vulnerability using the horizontal-to-vertical spectral ratio (HVSR) method in Haenam, KoreaKang, Su Young; Kim, Kwang-Hee; Kim, ByungminARTICLE145
2021-02Local and regional evaluation of liquefaction potential index and liquefaction severity number for liquefaction-induced sand boils in Pohang, South KoreaKim, Han-Saem; Kim, Mirae; Baise, Laurie G.; Kim, ByungminARTICLE195
2021-023D printed honeycomb-shaped feed channel spacer for membrane fouling mitigation in nanofiltrationPark, Sanghun; Jeong, Young Dal; Lee, Jae Hwa; Kim, Jihye; Jeong, Kwanho; Cho, Kyung HwaARTICLE14
2021-02Evaluation and Projection of Regional Climate over East Asia in CORDEX-East Asia Phase I ExperimentKim, Gayoung; Cha, Dong-Hyun; Park, Changyong; Jin, Chun-Sil; Lee, Dong-Kyou; Suh, Myoung-Seok; Oh, Seok-Geun; Hong, Song-You; Ahn, Joong-Bae; Min, Seung-Ki; Kang, Hyun-SukARTICLE99
2021-02Reorganizing governmental industrial classification of disaster and safety industries in Korea: A demand-based approachHwang, Ha; Oh, Yoon-kyung; Kim, Byeong-Je; Chung, Ji-BumARTICLE60
2021-02Governmental Disaster Assistance and Moral Hazard: Focusing on the Slight Damage Assistance Program for the Pohang Earthquake VictimsIm, Dong-Hyeon; Moon, Ji-Won; Chung, JibumARTICLE26
2021-02Representation of Tropical Cyclones by the Modern-Era Retrospective Analysis for Research and Applications Version 2Kim, Hyerim; Lee, Myong-In; Kim, Sungyoon; Lim, Young-Kwon; Schubert, Siegfried D.; Molod, Andrea M.ARTICLE156
2021-02Three-layered hollow fiber (HF) membrane and its modification to enhance wetting resistance for membrane distillation (MD)Lee, Hyung Kae; Jun, Byung-Moon; Ray, Saikat Sinha; Kwon, Young-NamARTICLE11
2021-02Structural System Reliability: Overview of Theories and Applications to OptimizationSong, Junho; Kang, Won-Hee; Lee, Young-Joo; Chun, JunhoARTICLE5
2021-02Hydrometeorological Influence on Antibiotic-Resistance Genes (ARGs) and Bacterial Community at a Recreational Beach in KoreaJang, Jiyi; Kim, Minjeong; Baek, Sangsoo; Shin, Jingyeong; Shin, Juhee; Shin, Seung Gu; Kim, Young Mo; Cho, Kyung HwaARTICLE1
2021-02Influence of natural organic matter on membrane capacitive deionization performanceShim, Jaegyu; Yoon, Nakyung; Park, Sanghun; Park, Jongkwan; Son, Moon; Jeong, Kwanho; Cho, Kyung HwaARTICLE3
2021-02On the acoustic fountain types and flow induced with focused ultrasoundKim, Gun; Cheng, Shyuan; Hong, Liu; Kim, Jin-Tae; Li, King C.; Chamorro, Leonardo P.ARTICLE40
2021-01Lightweight cementless composite of CaO-CaCl2-CaSO4-activated GGBFS developed as an alternative to lightweight gypsum compositeYum, Woo Sung; Jeon, Dong Ho; Yu, Juan; Sim, Sungwon; Yoon, Seyoon; Oh, Jae EunARTICLE21
2021-01Factors Affecting Occurrence of Landslides Induced by the M7.8 April 2015, Nepal EarthquakeMahalingam, Rubini; Kim, ByungminARTICLE65
2021-01How Does Indian Monsoon Regulate the Northern Hemisphere Stationary Wave Pattern?Son, Jun-Hyeok; Seo, Kyong-Hwan; Son, Seok-Woo; Cha, Dong-HyunARTICLE38
2021-01Investigation of the relationship between the fine mode fraction and Angstrom exponent: Cases in KoreaKoo, Ja-Ho; Lee, Juhee; Kim, Jhoon; Eck, Thomas F.; Giles, David M.; Holben, Brent N.; Park, Sang Seo; Choi, Myungje; Kim, Najin; Yoon, Jongmin; Lee, Yun GonARTICLE34
2021-01Impacts of local versus long-range transported aerosols on PM10 concentrations in Seoul, Korea: An estimate based on 11-year PM10 and lidar observationsPark, Do-Hyeon; Kim, Sang-Woo; Kim, Man-Hae; Yeo, Huidong; Park, Sang Seo; Nishizawa, Tomoaki; Shimizu, Atsushi; Kim, Cheol-HeeARTICLE11
Showing results 1 to 20 of 3550