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2019-061-D two-phase flow analysis for interlocking double layer counter flow mini-channel heat sinkLim, Kihoon; Lee, JaeseonARTICLE352
2019-08-0710B(n, α)7Li Reaction-Assisted Corrosion of Al-B4C Metal Matrix Composite Neutron Absorber Irradiated in Spent Nuclear Fuel PoolJung, Yunsong; Kim, Kiyoung; Ahn, SangjoonCONFERENCE96
2018-021D Bi2S3 nanorod/2D e-WS2 nanosheet heterojunction photocatalyst for enhanced photocatalytic activityVattikuti, S.V.Prabhakar; Shim, Jaesool; Byon, ChanARTICLE851
2005-10-202 단계 모세관 리소그라피 기술을 이용한 마이크로/나노 병합구조 공정 기술 및 수학적 모델을 통한 표면 특성 분석Jeong, Hoon EuiCONFERENCE41
2012-04-122-dimensional Strain Sensing Capability of Polymer-impregnated Exfoliated Graphite Nanoplatelet-Multiwalled Carbon Nanotube Hybrid SheetsPark, Young-Bin; Hwang, Sang-HaCONFERENCE42
2014-0225th Anniversary Article: Scalable Multiscale Patterned Structures Inspired by Nature: The Role of HierarchyBae, Won-Gyu; Kim, Hong Nam; Kim, Doogon; Park, Suk-Hee; Jeong, Hoon Eui; Suh, Kahp-YangARTICLE876
2010-102D elastic analysis of the sandwich panel buckling problem: benchmark solutions and accurate finite element formulationsJi, Wooseok; Waas, Anthony M.ARTICLE649
2015-10-292D Thermal Analysis of a Cask using an Advanced Neutron Absorbing Material under Normal ConditionSohn, Dong-Seong; 이희재; 김미진CONFERENCE39
2005-12-012단계 모세관 리소그라피 기술을 이용한 마이크로/나노스케일 복합 구조의 제조 및 표면 특성 분석Jeong, Hoon EuiCONFERENCE29
2008-04-032단계 모세관리소그라피를 이용한 고분자 이중구조의 형성과 복제 기술Jeong, Hoon EuiCONFERENCE24
2019-122차원 표면조도가 있는 난류 평면 Couette-Poiseuille 유동에 대한 직접수치모사김정현; 이영모; 이재화ARTICLE133
2010-04-233 차원 입방형 표면조도가 난류경계층에 미치는 영향Lee, Jae Hwa; 성형진CONFERENCE42
2010-10-033-D Carbon Interdigitated Array Nanoelectrodes for Highly Sensitive Sensing of NeurotransmittersShin, Heungjoo; Heo, JI; Shim, DS; Duarte, RM; Madou, MCONFERENCE43
2010-04-013-D 카본 빗살무늬 미소 전극 특성 실험Shin, Heungjoo; Heo, JI; Park, DK; Duarte, RM; Madou, MJCONFERENCE34
2012-12355, 532, and 1064 nm picosecond laser interaction with grass tissuesKim, Jaehun; Ki, HyungsonARTICLE827
2020-103D and 4D Printing of Multistable StructuresJeong, Hoon Yeub; An, Soo-Chan; Lim, Yeonsoo; Jeong, Min Ji; Kim, Namhun; Jun, Young ChulARTICLE81
2018-04-123D graphene-Ni foam heterostructures for highly-efficient and durable bipolar plates in a polymer electrolyte membrane fuel cell심여선; 곽진성; 김세양; 조용수; 김승현; 김성엽; 김지현; 이치승; 조장호; 권순용CONFERENCE57
2019-10-293D Nanoporous carbon microelectrodes with sponge-like edge structures for heavy metal sensingLee, Jongmin; Shin, HeungjooCONFERENCE41
2021-023D printed honeycomb-shaped feed channel spacer for membrane fouling mitigation in nanofiltrationPark, Sanghun; Jeong, Young Dal; Lee, Jae Hwa; Kim, Jihye; Jeong, Kwanho; Cho, Kyung HwaARTICLE14
2019-013D printing of twisting and rotational bistable structures with tuning elementsJeong, Hoon Yeub; An, Soo-Chan; Seo, In Cheol; Lee, Eunseo; Ha, Sangho; Kim, Namhun; Jun, Young ChulARTICLE460
Showing results 1 to 20 of 4646