In the midst of the 4th Industrial Revolution, AI is the key essential element in paving the road for industry innovation. UNIST sits in the heart of Ulsan, the industry capital of Korea, where major industry players such Hyundai Heavy Industry, Hyundai Motor Company, and SK Innovation are located. As the only major research focussed education institute in the Southeast part of Korea, the establishment of the UNIST Artificial Intelligence Graduate School (AIGS) will not only lay the foundation for artificial intelligence education, but also create an innovative infrastructure for local industries to fulfill their innovative desires. The goal of UNIST AIGS is to educate the next generation of AI leaders through innovative research centered on core problems in AI and to have them pioneer efforts to create new industry solutions and markets.
Our professors at UNIST AIGS are composed of young and competent researchers who are actively performing research in core aspects of AI. Our curriculum provides a solid foundation for AI innovation and research while, at the same time, providing the flexibility for students to navigate their education direction along diverse paths. UNIST AIGS is fully committed to helping our professors and students become success stories through every means possible, including support of computing infrastructure as well as financial support. Come join us and come work with us as we strive to become a global leader in AI research and education.