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Ji, Wooseok
Composite Materials and Structures Lab.
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BVID analysis of non-crimp fabric cross-ply laminate manufactured through wet compression molding process

Lee, SooyoungHong, ChaeyoungChoi, TaeseongKim, Hye-gyuJi, Wooseok
Issued Date
2020 AIAA SciTech Forum
The main purpose of the present work is to demonstrate the feasibility of the wet compression molding process for aerospace applications through the conventional BVID analysis. Non-crimp fabrics are utilized to manufacture laminated composite panels with a cross-ply stacking sequence. Specimens are cut from the panels and tested to characterize various mechanical properties of the material. The volume fractions of fibers and voids are also measured to evaluate the quality of the WCM product. Impact tests per ASTM/D7131 are carried out to identify the BVID energy level for the composite structure. Failure patterns and damage extent at various energy levels are investigated. Experimental results are showing a promising potential of the WCM process as one of the alternatives to the conventional autoclave-based fabrication method.
American Institute of Aeronautics and Astronautics


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