ETC_Journal Papers

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2022-04Search of the early O3 LIGO data for continuous gravitational waves from the Cassiopeia A and Vela Jr. supernova remnantsAbbott, R.; Abbott, T. D., et alARTICLE151
2019-05Recent Advances in Transparent Electronics with Stretchable FormsKim, Kukjoo; Park, Young-Geun, et alARTICLE730
2019-01Drivers of usability in product design practice: Induction of a framework through a case study of three product development projectsvan Kuijk, Jasper; Daalhuizen, Jaap, et alARTICLE571
2018-10Electrokinetic transport properties of deoxynucleotide monophosphates (dNMPs) through thermoplastic nanochannelsO'Neil, Colleen; Amarasekara, Charuni A., et alARTICLE705
2018-09Synthesis, spectroscopic characterization and crystallographic behavior of ethyl 2-(4-methyl-(2-benzylidenehydraziny1))thiazole-4-carboxylate: Experimental and theoretical (DFT) studiesHaroon, Muhammad; Akhtar, Tashfeen, et alARTICLE544
2018-09Piezoelectric properties of (Na0.5K0.5)(Nb1-xSbx)O-3-SrTiO3 ceramics with tetragonal-pseudocubic PPB structureKim, Dae-Hyeon; Lee, Tae-Gon, et alARTICLE592
2018-08Synthesis and radical polymerization properties of thermal radical initiators based on o-imino-isourea: The effect of the alkyl side chain on the radical initiation temperatureLee, Kyu Cheol; Jeong, Su Bin, et alARTICLE587
2018-08Recent development on carbon based heterostructures for their applications in energy and environment: A reviewJayaraman, Theerthagiri; Murthy, Arun Prasad, et alARTICLE671
2018-07Engineered nanomaterials for plant growth and development: A perspective analysisVerma, Sandeep Kumar; Das, Ashok Kumar, et alARTICLE836
2018-07Effect of Annealing Temperature on Structural and Optical Properties of Sol-Gel-Derived ZnO Thin FilmsArif, Mohd.; Sanger, Amit, et alARTICLE716
2018-07Highly Sensitive NiO Nanoparticle based Chlorine Gas SensorArif, Mohd.; Sanger, Amit, et alARTICLE590
2018-07Low frequency electromagnetic fluctuations in Kappa magnetized plasmasKim, Sunjung; Lazar, M., et alARTICLE536
2018-06Rationally designed spider web-like trivanadium heptaoxide nanowires on carbon cloth as a new class of pseudocapacitive electrode for symmetric supercapacitors with high energy density and ultra-long cyclic stabilityManikandan, Ramu; Raj, C. Justin, et alARTICLE649
2018-06Design Strategies, Practical Considerations, and New Solution Processes of Sulfide Solid Electrolytes for All-Solid-State BatteriesPark, Kern Ho; Bai, Qiang, et alARTICLE727
2018-06Recent Progress in Potassium Sodium Niobate Lead-free Thin FilmsSeog, Hae Jin; Ullah, Aman, et alARTICLE610
2018-06Current Challenges of Streptococcus Infection and Effective Molecular, Cellular, and Environmental Control Methods in AquacultureMishra, Anshuman; Nam, Gyu-Hwi, et alARTICLE599
2018-06Triclosan-immobilized polyamide thin film composite membranes with enhanced biofouling resistancePark, Sang-Hee; Hwang, Seon Oh, et alARTICLE718
2018-06One step sputtered grown MoS2 nanoworms binder free electrodes for high performance supercapacitor applicationNeetika; Sanger, Amit, et alARTICLE587
2018-06Changes in political party systems arising from conflict and transfer among political partiesPark, JunpyoARTICLE560
2018-06Sputter deposited chromium nitride thin electrodes for supercapacitor applicationsArif, Mohd; Sanger, Amit, et alARTICLE632