ETC_Journal Papers

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2019-12Control of Viscosity of Cementitious Materials Using Waste Limestone PowderHan, Dongyeop; Yoon, Jin Young, et alARTICLE2
2019-08Rhodamine-azobenzene based single molecular probe for multiple ions sensing: Cu 2+ , Al 3+ , Cr 3+ and its imaging in human lymphocyte cellsMabhai, Subhabrata; Dolai, Malay, et alARTICLE0
2019-08Evaluation of performance-based seismic coefficient for gravity-type quay wall via centrifuge testsLee, Moon-Gyo; Ha, Jeong-Gon, et alARTICLE0
2019-08Mechanical properties of preplaced lightweight aggregates concreteYoon, Jin Young; Kim, Jae HongARTICLE0
2019-08Hydrazine mediated low temperature soft chemical synthesis of mixed metal oxide (gamma-Fe2O3-ZnO) graphene nanocomposite: in vitro cytotoxicity study on HeLa and SK-BR-3 cell linesNaskar, Atanu; Jana, Batakrishna, et alARTICLE0
2019-07Constraints on the diffuse photon flux with energies above 10 18 eV using the surface detector of the Telescope Array experimentAbbasi, R.U.; Abe, M., et alARTICLE0
2019-06Sheet-type Li6PS5Cl-infiltrated Si anodes fabricated by solution process for all-solid-state lithium-ion batteriesKim, Dong Hyeon; Lee, Han Ah, et alARTICLE0
2019-06Relay detection of Zn 2+ and S 2− by a quinoline-based fluorescent chemosensor in aqueous media and zebrafishHwang, Suh Mi; Yun, Dongju, et alARTICLE0
2019-06One-step sputtered titanium nitride nano-pyramid thin electrodes for symmetric super-capacitor deviceArif, Mohd; Sanger, Amit, et alARTICLE0
2019-06The fractional Allen–Cahn equation with the sextic potentialLee, Seunggyu; Lee, DongsunARTICLE0
2019-06Preparation and evaluation of activated carbon supported catalysts derived waste materials for hybrid type Na-air batteryKim, Kyoungho; Han, Jinhyup, et alARTICLE0
2019-06A 3-D bonding perspective of the factors influencing the relative stability of the S-1/S-0 conical intersections of the penta-2,4-dieniminium cation (PSB3)Bin, Xin; Momen, Roya, et alARTICLE0
2019-05Recent Advances in Transparent Electronics with Stretchable FormsKim, Kukjoo; Park, Young-Geun, et alARTICLE56
2019-05First Measurement of the Hubble Constant from a Dark Standard Siren using the Dark Energy Survey Galaxies and the LIGO/Virgo Binary-Black-hole Merger GW170814Soares-Santos, M; Kim, YMARTICLE0
2019-05Measurement of Tidal Deformability in the Gravitational Wave Parameter Estimation for Nonspinning Binary Neutron Star MergersChoi, Yong-Beom; Cho, Hee-Suk, et alARTICLE0
2019-05Super-twisting observer-based sliding mode control with fuzzy variable gains and its applications to fully-actuated hexarotorsNguyen, Ngo Phong; Kim, Wonhee, et alARTICLE0
2019-05All-sky search for long-duration gravitational-wave transients in the second Advanced LIGO observing runAbbott, BP; Kim, Y.-M.ARTICLE0
2019-05Tunable regulatory activities of 1,10-phenanthroline derivatives towards acid sphingomyelinase and Zn(II)-amyloid-betaYi, Yelim; Han, Jiyeon, et alARTICLE0
2019-05저영향개발 모델링 기법 비교연구: 사례중심으로백상수; 최한나, et alARTICLE0
2019-05Experimental and computational study on flow over stepped spillwayMedhi, Bhaskar Jyoti; Singh, Anugrah, et alARTICLE0