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GrzybowskiBartosz Andrzej

Grzybowski, Bartosz A.
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On-nanoparticle monolayers as a solute-specific, solvent-like phase

Ahumada, Juan C.Ahumada, GuillermoSobolev, YaroslavKim, MinjuGrzybowski, Bartosz A.
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NANOSCALE, v.15, no.13, pp.6379 - 6386
In addition to modifying surface properties, self-assembled monolayers, SAMs, on nanoparticles can selectively incorporate small molecules from the surrounding solution. This selectivity has been used in the design of substrate-specific catalytic systems but its degree has not been quantified. This work uses catalytic centers embedded in on-nanoparticle hydrophobic SAMs to monitor and quantify the partitioning of molecules between the bulk solvent and these monolayers. A combination of experiments and theory allows us to relate the logarithm of the incorporation-into-SAM constant to the “bulk” log P values, characterizing the incoming substrates. These results are in line with classic, semi-empirical linear free energy relationships between partitioning solvent systems; in this way, they substantiate the view of nanoscopic on-particle SAMs acting akin to a bulk solvent phase. © 2023 The Royal Society of Chemistry.
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