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dc.contributor.assignee 울산과학기술원 - 천재영 - 주상훈 - 2024-01-23T19:40:23Z - 2013-10-18 - 2024-01-23T19:40:23Z - 2017-10-31 -
dc.description.abstract A catalyst consisting of structurally ordered mesoporous carbon containing a transition metal and a method for preparing the same are provided. The method for preparing the catalyst includes forming a mixture of a carbon precursor and structurally ordered mesoporous silica, carbonizing the mixture to form a composite, and removing mesoporous silica from the composite. -
dc.identifier.patentApplicationNumber 14/057,306 -
dc.identifier.patentRegistrationNumber 9,806,348 -
dc.identifier.uri -
dc.title.alternative 촉매 및 그의 제조방법 -
dc.title 촉매 및 그의 제조방법 -
dc.type Patent - US -
dc.type.iprs 특허 -


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