HST_Journal Papers

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2023-10A practical approach based on learning-based model predictive control with minimal prior knowledge of patients for artificial pancreasLim, Min Hyuk; Kim, SungwanARTICLE155
2023-10Systems immunology of regulatory T cells: can one circuit explain it all?Tripathi, Shubham; Tsang, John S., et alARTICLE28
2023-08Development of an artificial intelligence bacteremia prediction model and evaluation of its impact on physician predictions focusing on uncertaintyChoi, Dong Hyun; Lim, Min Hyuk, et alARTICLE140
2023-08Novel Gene Polymorphisms for Stable Warfarin Dose in a Korean Population: Genome-Wide Association StudyKim, Jung Sun; Lee, Sak, et alARTICLE185
2022-11A development of a graph-based ensemble machine learning model for skin sensitization hazard and potency assessmentJeon, Byoungjun; Lim, Min Hyuk, et alARTICLE140
2022-09Multi-Task Disentangled Autoencoder for Time-Series Data in Glucose DynamicsLim, Min Hyuk; Cho, Young Min, et alARTICLE141
2022-01Colonoscopic image synthesis with generative adversarial network for enhanced detection of sessile serrated lesions using convolutional neural networkYoon, Dan; Kong, Hyoun-Joong, et alARTICLE142
2021-07A Blood Glucose Control Framework Based on Reinforcement Learning With Safety and Interpretability: In Silico ValidationLim, Min Hyuk; Lee, Woo Hyung, et alARTICLE136
2021-063D cell culture using a clinostat reproduces microgravity-induced skin changesChoi, Dong Hyun; Jeon, Byoungjun, et alARTICLE138
2021-01Hyoid kinematic features for poor swallowing prognosis in patients with post-stroke dysphagiaLee, Woo Hyung; Lim, Min Hyuk, et alARTICLE132
2020-02Development of a Novel Prognostic Model to Predict 6-Month Swallowing Recovery After Ischemic StrokeLee, Woo Hyung; Lim, Min Hyuk, et alARTICLE147
2020-01Manufacturing and Control of a Robotic Device for Time-averaged Simulated Micro and Partial Gravity of a Cell Culture EnvironmentKim, Yoon Jae; Lim, Min Hyuk, et alARTICLE143
2019-08Differential kinematic features of the hyoid bone during swallowing in patients with Parkinson's diseaseLee, Woo Hyung; Lim, Min Hyuk, et alARTICLE139
2018-10Microgravity induces autophagy via mitochondrial dysfunction in human Hodgkin's lymphoma cellsJeong, Ae Jin; Kim, Yoon Jae, et alARTICLE144
2018-07Fimasartan increases glucose‐stimulated insulin secretion in patients with type 2 diabetes and hypertension compared with amlodipineYang, Ye Seul; Lim, Min Hyuk, et alARTICLE140
2016-08Application of the Oral Minimal Model to Korean Subjects with Normal Glucose Tolerance and Type 2 Diabetes MellitusLim, Min Hyuk; Oh, Tae Jung, et alARTICLE154
2015-08Computational Discrimination of Breast Cancer for Korean Women Based on Epidemiologic Data OnlyLee, Chiwon; Lee, Jung Chan, et alARTICLE153