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Comuzzi, Marco
Intelligent Enterprise Lab (IEL)
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  • business process management, enterprise systems, process monitoring, compliance
  • management, ERP system, business network, design science

Genetic Algorithms for AutoML in Process Predictive Monitoring

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Genetic Algorithms for AutoML in Process Predictive Monitoring
Kwon, NahyunComuzzi, Marco
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Springer Nature Switzerland
ICPM International Workshop on Leveraging Machine Learning in Process Mining, pp.242 - 254
In recent years, AutoML has emerged as a promising technique for reducing computational and time cost by automating the development of machine learning models. Existing AutoML tools cannot be applied directly to process predictive monitoring (PPM), because they do not support several configuration parameters that are PPM-specific, such as trace bucketing or encoding. In other words, they are only specialized in finding the best configuration of machine learning model hyperparameters. In this paper, we present a simple yet extensible framework for AutoML in PPM. The framework uses genetic algorithms to explore a configuration space containing both PPM-specific parameters and the traditional machine learning model hyperparameters. We design four different types of experiments to verify the effectiveness of the proposed approach, comparing its performance in respect of random search of the configuration space, using two publicly available event logs. The results demonstrate that the proposed approach outperforms consistently the random searc
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