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Kim, Chae Un
High Pressure X-ray Science Lab (HiPreX)
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  • X-ray Science, biophysical science, biomedical science

Photoacoustic/ultrasonic dual-mode endoscopic system compatible with clinical video endoscope

DC Field Value Language Kim, Minjae ko Lee, Kang Won ko Choi, Hyuk Soon ko Keum, Bora ko Chun, Hoon Jai ko Lee, Cheol ko Kim, Chae Un ko Yang, Joon Mo ko 2023-03-17T02:40:27Z - 2023-03-14 ko 2019-11-01 ko
dc.identifier.citation Annual Biophotonics Conference 2019 ko
dc.identifier.uri -
dc.description.abstract We have developed a 3-mm diameter catheter-based photoacoustic/ultrasonic dual-mode endoscope. We successfully demonstrated its intra-instrument channel workability for the 3.7-mm diameter instrument channel of a clinical video endoscope using an in vivo swine esophagus model. Developing such a flexible and narrow diameter PAE probe compatible with current clinical video endoscopes has been an important research topic in biomedical photoacoustics because it allows a clinician to more freely apply related probe when a suspicious tissue is found. The presented system is expected to be an important technical platform for a successful clinical translation of the combined photoacoustic and ultrasonic dual-mode imaging technique to endoscopy. ko
dc.language 한국어 ko
dc.publisher 한국광학회 ko
dc.title Photoacoustic/ultrasonic dual-mode endoscopic system compatible with clinical video endoscope ko
dc.type CONFERENCE ko
dc.type.rims CONF ko
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