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An, Kwangjin
Advanced Nanocatalysis Lab.
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dc.citation.number 12 -
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dc.citation.title CATALYSTS -
dc.citation.volume 12 - Kurisingal, Jintu Francis - Lee, Shinjae - Lee, Jun Gyeong - An, Kwangjin - 2023-12-21T13:12:19Z - 2023-12-21T13:12:19Z - 2023-01-19 - 2022-12 -
dc.description.abstract Bimetallic zeolitic imidazolate framework (BMZIF)-decorated Mo carbide catalysts were designed for the catalytic hydrodeoxygenation of guaiacol to produce phenol with high selectivity. A uniform layer of BMZIF was systematically coated onto the surface of the MoO3 nanorods. During carbonization at 700 degrees C for 4 h, BMZIF generated active species (ZnO, CoO) on highly dispersed N-doped carbons, creating a porous shell structure. Simultaneously, the MoO3 nanorod was transformed into the Mo2C phase. The resulting core@shell type Mo2C@BMZIF-700 degrees C (4 h) catalyst promoted a 97% guaiacol conversion and 70% phenol selectivity under 4 MPa of H-2 at 330 degrees C for 4 h, which was not achieved by other supported catalysts. The catalyst also showed excellent selective cleavage of the methoxy group of lignin derivatives (syringol and vanillin), which makes it suitable for selective demethoxylation in future biomass catalysis. Moreover, it exhibits excellent recyclability and stability without changing the structure or active species. -
dc.identifier.bibliographicCitation CATALYSTS, v.12, no.12, pp.1605 -
dc.identifier.doi 10.3390/catal12121605 -
dc.identifier.issn 2073-4344 -
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dc.identifier.wosid 000906024700001 -
dc.language 영어 -
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dc.title Zeolitic Imidazolate Framework Decorated Molybdenum Carbide Catalysts for Hydrodeoxygenation of Guaiacol to Phenol -
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dc.subject.keywordAuthor hydrogenation -
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dc.subject.keywordAuthor metal-organic frameworks -
dc.subject.keywordAuthor zeolitic imidazolate framework -
dc.subject.keywordPlus METAL-ORGANIC FRAMEWORK -
dc.subject.keywordPlus PHASE HYDRODEOXYGENATION -
dc.subject.keywordPlus LIGNOCELLULOSIC BIOMASS -
dc.subject.keywordPlus HIGHLY EFFICIENT -
dc.subject.keywordPlus VALORIZATION -
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